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Album Review: “Ghost at the Gallows” by Spirit Adrift


Album review by Jorge Pozo

In the vast realm of metal, where historical echoes and genre evolution interweave, stands Spirit Adrift’s latest offering, “Ghost at the Gallows.” A band known for their amalgamation of psychedelic and doom elements, they’ve embarked on a sonic journey that bridges the past and present. Led by Nate Garrett, this Texan outfit has defied their youth in the scene by crafting an impressive catalog, and their latest opus solidifies their position as a torchbearer of the genre.

“Ghost at the Gallows” is more than just a record; it’s a contemplative exploration of mortality and the ethereal beyond. Nate Garrett’s introspective musings find solace in the heavy riffs and intricate rhythms, offering listeners a cathartic experience. The album’s overarching theme is beautifully encapsulated in Garrett’s words, where he shares, “this record helps me, and I hope it helps whoever else needs it.”

The opening track, “Give Her to the River,” sets the stage with rain-soaked ambiance before erupting into a cavalcade of vintage heavy metal riffs and rhythms. Garrett’s gruff vocals infuse the track with both power and melody, making it one of Spirit Adrift’s most riveting openers to date. As the album unfolds, tracks like “I Shall Return” and “Death Won’t Stop Me” channel a nostalgic epicness reminiscent of legends like Dio and Sabbath, yet they retain a distinct modern energy.

But “Ghost at the Gallows” is not content with the confines of tradition. The album pushes boundaries, as seen in “Barn Burner,” which melds dirty thrash with a hint of early thrash metal. “Hanged Man’s Revenge” is a raw venture into ’80s thrash territory, transforming halfway through into a blend of doom and gloom. The heartstring-pulling acoustic intro of “These Two Hands” showcases the band’s versatile approach, while “Siren of the South” navigates diverse rock and metal avenues, marrying dark and brooding elements with focused thrash energy.

The title track, “Ghost at the Gallows,” stands tall at eight minutes, a bruiser of a song that captures the essence of the album’s themes. The instrumental prowess and Garrett’s emotive vocals converge to paint a vivid portrait of embracing mortality and facing the unknown. This record is a testament to Spirit Adrift’s ability to seamlessly weave influences from metal’s rich tapestry while forging their path forward.

Ultimately, “Ghost at the Gallows” is a triumphant masterpiece in the Spirit Adrift saga. With heartfelt songwriting, dynamic arrangements, and a commitment to quality, the album reaches deep into the annals of metal’s history while carving its distinct mark. Garrett’s sincere approach and the band’s musical prowess resonate with a timeless intensity. This album isn’t merely a relic; it’s a living testament to the enduring power of metal’s spirit.

Rating: 9/10

SPIRIT ADRIFT – Ghost at the Gallows

“Ghost At The Gallows” track listing:

  1. Give Her To The River
  2. Barn Burner
  3. Hanged Man’s Revenge
  4. These Two Hands
  5. Death Won’t Stop Me
  6. I Shall Return
  7. Siren Of The South
  8. Ghost At The Gallows

Order “Ghost At The Gallows” HERE.


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