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ALESTORM “Voyage of the Dead Marauder EP” review by Antoine Karam

Alestorm band

In the ever-evolving tapestry of metal music, the subgenre of pirate metal has carved out its own niche, with Alestorm steering the ship through tumultuous waters with their unique blend of humor, folklore, and robust metal foundations. Their latest offering, “Voyage of the Dead Marauder,” is a treasure trove of musical ingenuity, showcasing the band’s ability to blend the fantastical elements of pirate lore with the hard-hitting essence of metal. This EP not only solidifies Alestorm‘s position in the genre but also pushes the boundaries of what pirate metal can encompass.

The production of the EP, under the seasoned guidance of Lasse Lammert, is a masterclass in achieving a sound that is both polished and raw, embodying the spirit of adventure and rebellion that pirate tales evoke. The artwork, featuring the iconic Captain Morgan, serves as a visual anchor for Alestorm‘s thematic and musical exploration, inviting listeners into a world where the high seas and heavy metal collide.

Musically, “Voyage of the Dead Marauder” is a whirlwind adventure. The title track, featuring the enchanting hurdy-gurdy and vocals of Patty Gurdy, stands out as a beacon of musical craftsmanship. Her contributions elevate the song, creating a beautiful juxtaposition against the band’s more traditional metal growls and shredding guitars. This track, in particular, showcases Alestorm‘s ability to create songs that are both epic in scope and intimate in emotion.

Uzbekistan” and “Cock” further display Alestorm’s musical versatility, blending power and folk metal elements with infectious melodies and arrangements that are impossible not to move to. The covers included in the EP, “The Last Saskatchewan Pirate” and “Sea Shanty 2,” are reimagined with Alestorm‘s signature style, adding depth and a new dimension to these familiar tunes. These songs are not just covers but reinvigorations, infused with Alestorm‘s spirited musicality.

The EP’s pacing is relentless, mirroring the unyielding waves of the open sea. From the invigorating start of “Voyage of the Dead Marauder” to the raucous energy of “Cock,” there is never a dull moment. The guitar work is particularly noteworthy, with solos that are both technically impressive and emotionally resonant, capturing the essence of adventure that is at the heart of pirate lore.

In conclusion, “Voyage of the Dead Marauder” is a manifesto to Alestorm‘s continued evolution and their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre. It is a collection of songs that are as diverse as they are cohesive, offering something for both long-time fans and newcomers to the band. With this EP, Alestorm not only pays homage to the pirate tales of old but also charts a course for the future of pirate metal. It’s a thrilling voyage from start to finish, deserving of a solid 9/10. Alestorm‘s ship sails on, and it’s a journey worth joining.

ALESTORM – “Voyage of the Dead Marauder EP” out March 22, 2024 via Napalm Records get your copy HERE

Alestorm album

Voyage of the Dead Marauder Tracklisting:
1. Voyage of the Dead Marauder
2. Uzbekistan    
3. The Last Saskatchewan Pirate              
4. Sea Shanty 2
5. Cock

Christopher Bowes – vocals, keytar
Gareth Murdock – bass
Mate Bodor – guitar
Peter Alcorn – drums
Elliot Vernon – keyboard

ALESTORM online:

“Tour Of The Dead Marauder”
w/ Elvenking & Glyph
19.03.24 US – Cincinnati, OH / Bogart’s
20.03.24 US – Grand Rapids, MI / Elevation
22.03.24 CA – Toronto, ON / The Concert Hall
23.03.24 CA – Montreal, QC / MTELUS
24.03.24 US – New Haven, CT / Toad’s Place
26.03.24 US – Pittsburgh, PA / Stage AE
27.03.24 US – Detroit, MI / The Majestic
29.03.24 US – Milwaukee, WI / The Rave
30.03.24 US – Omaha, NE / The Admiral
02.04.24 CA – Winnipeg, MB / Park Theatre
03.04.24 CA – Saskatoon, SK / Coors Event Centre
05.04.24 CA – Edmonton, AB / Midway Music Hall
06.04.24 CA – Calgary, AB / The Palace Theatre
08.04.24 CA – Vancouver, BC / Commodore
09.04.23 US – Spokane, WA / Knitting Factory
10.04.24 US – Boise, ID / Knitting Factory
12.04.24 US – Sacramento, CA / Ace of Spades
13.04.24 US – Santa Ana, CA / The Observatory
15.04.24 US – Tucson, AZ / Rialto Theatre
16.04.24 US – Albuquerque, NM / Sunshine Theater
18.04.24 US – Oklahoma City, OK / Diamond
19.04.24 US – St. Louis, MO / Red Flag
20.04.24 US – Indianapolis, IN / Old National
21.04.24 US – Nashville, TN / Marathon

Festivals 2024
28.06.24 FI – Sulvilahti / Tuska
05.07.24 DE – Rock Harz / Ballenstedt
11.07.24 HU – Dunaújváros / Rockmaraton
12.07.24 CZ – Vizovice / Masters of Rock
13.07.24 AT – Area 53 / Leoben
14.07.24 NL – Pirate Metal Party / Helmond

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