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Ancient Remains “Burn It All” EP Review by Jorge Pozo

Ancient Remains band

Diving into the “Burn It All” EP by Ancient Remains, we’re greeted with an eclectic mix that straddles the line between innovation and homage to the eras of rock and metal that have preceded it. At the forefront is the eponymous opener, “Burn It All,” which erupts with a fervor that is both captivating and relentless. Jayden Fox‘s guitar work is nothing short of electrifying, cutting through the mix with precision and flair, while Cody Lawson‘s bass provides a solid backbone that propels the track forward.

Following closely is “CTFO,” a track that seizes the listener with its audacious energy. Daniel Stewart‘s vocals dominate the soundscape, oscillating between raw aggression and melodic harmony, complemented by his engaging guitar rhythms. The percussive backbone provided by Calvin Baker is formidable, imbuing the song with a palpable sense of urgency that demands the listener’s full attention.

Get Right Out (Of My Face)” stands as a high point in the EP, melding aggression with a rhythmic groove that’s both infectious and confrontational. The track exemplifies the band’s knack for crafting songs that are as thought-provoking as they are visceral, marking them as outliers in a genre that’s all too often content with rehashing the past.

The EP closes with “Live Your Life,” a track that embodies the spirit of defiance and self-empowerment. Its catchy hooks and anthemic chorus serve as a beacon for listeners, encouraging them to embrace individuality and live life on their own terms.

However, it’s worth noting that “Burn It All” walks a fine line between paying homage to its roots and venturing into the often criticized territory of being overly accessible. The sound, while engaging, occasionally veers towards the formulaic, echoing the sentiment of critics who yearn for a departure from the mainstream appeal that has characterized much of modern rock and metal. While the EP showcases moments of brilliance, particularly in its guitar solos and rhythmic complexities, there’s an underlying sense of familiarity that might deter purists.

Despite these critiques, Ancient Remains exhibits a commendable level of craftsmanship and passion throughout the EP. Their ability to blend genres, incorporating elements of heavy metal, thrash, and metalcore, speaks to their versatility and willingness to experiment. The band’s energy is undeniable, and their message of empowerment and defiance shines brightly, even if the sound isn’t revolutionary.

Burn It All” is a robust offering that demonstrates the band’s technical prowess and emotional intensity. While it may not reinvent the wheel, it provides a solid listening experience for those willing to overlook its occasional predictability. Balancing the act between homage and innovation, Ancient Remains delivers a fiery, though somewhat familiar, sonic journey. I would rate this EP a 7 out of 10, acknowledging its strengths while recognizing areas where it adheres too closely to established norms.

Ancient Remains album


Burn It All
Get Right Out (Of My Face)
Live Your Life

Line Up:
Jayden Fox – Lead Guitar
Cody Lawson – Bass Guitar
Daniel Stewart – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Calvin Baker – Drums

Sunday 7th April at QUBE EFFECT 2024, THE TBC CLUB, Brisbane.
 Saturday 20th April at Metal United Down Under 2024, The Mansfield Tavern, Brisbane.
Thursday 2nd May at Death By Metal, Tomcat, Brisbane
Friday 3rd May at Arcadia Bar, Mackay
Saturday 4th May at Otherwise Bar, Townsville
Saturday 8th June at The Presynct Bar, Sunshine Coast
Adelaide TBA
Melbourne TBA
Dates to be announced!
Future shows TBA

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