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Andreas Kisser of SEPULTURA announces, ‘We will commemorate our 40th anniversary with the release of a live album.

andreas kisser playing guitar

In a recent interview with Oran O’Beirne of Bloodstock TV, Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser confirmed that the band is planning to release a live album in celebration of their 40th anniversary, instead of working on a new studio album. The record is currently untitled and does not have a release date yet, but Kissersaid that it will feature songs from throughout the band’s career.

“Next year we’re gonna celebrate 40 years of a career, so the idea is to put out a live album,” Kisser explained. “We’re actually recording everything right now; we’re recording every show. It’s great that nowadays, because of technology, we have this possibility, so we don’t have really to be attached or limited to one or two gigs to record a live set. We’re gonna pick the best songs from all the different eras of the band and put them together on one record.”

Kisser said that the band is still in the early stages of planning the album, but he is excited to revisit some of their classic songs and share them with their fans in a new way.

Sepultura doesn’t have a proper live album per se. We have DVDs, we have the Barcelona stuff, which is very old. But I think it’s a tradition of — when I grew up, my favorite albums were all live albums: ‘No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith’ from Motörhead‘Alive I’ and ‘II’ from KISSThin Lizzy‘Made In Japan’  from Deep Purple.” you name it. Many great albums. It’s gonna be a lot of fun,” Kisser added. “We’re gonna pick the songs that we think are the most representative of the band and the most exciting to play live.”


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