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Anvil “One and Only” Album Review by Jorge Pozo

ANVIL Band Members

I’ve been a fan of Anvil since their early days, and their Netflix documentary “Anvil! The Story Of Anvil” was a delight that deepened my appreciation for the band’s tenacity and passion. Ever since the documentary’s release, I’ve been eagerly awaiting each new album, and the anticipation for their latest effort, ‘One And Only,’ was no different. I’m thrilled to say that the wait was well worth it.

From the first note, it’s clear that Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow and Robb Reiner are back in their prime form. Their decision to shed modern pretensions and delve into the roots of their classic metal sound rings true throughout the album. The opener, ‘Feed Your Fantasy,’ sets the tone with gritty, raw guitar riffs and a pulsating rhythm that grabs you from the get-go. Chris Robertson’s bass lines anchor the track solidly, providing a powerful foundation for Lips’s scorching guitar solos.

One of the standout tracks on this album is ‘Truth Is Dying.’ Here, Anvil tackles contemporary issues with a lyrical depth that adds layers to their robust sound. ‘Fight For Your Rights’ and ‘World of Fools’ continue this trend, featuring themes that are both introspective and critical of current societal climates. These tracks are a testament to how the band has matured thematically, while keeping their sound energetic and unyielding.

The self-titled track ‘One And Only’ is an anthem that feels both reflective and forward-looking. Anvil‘s ability to seamlessly blend nostalgic elements with fresh perspectives is impressive. It’s a song that encapsulates the band’s philosophy of staying true to their roots while evolving with the times.

‘Heartbroken’ is another gem on the album, showcasing Lips’s heartfelt and direct lyrical approach. The song’s slow groove and doomy flair are reminiscent of Black Sabbath and add a poignant depth to the album. The guitar work here is exceptional, with Lips demonstrating why he’s still a revered figure in the metal community.

A delightful surprise comes in the form of ‘Gold and Diamonds.’ This track is pure melodic heavy metal bliss, featuring infectious hooks and an anthemic chorus that is bound to become a fan favorite. It’s a song that proves Anvil can still craft timeless metal tunes with ease.

‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ is quintessential Anvil. It’s hard-hitting, unrelenting, and captures the essence of the band’s enduring spirit. ‘Condemned Liberty’ and ‘Blind Rage’ close out the album with a bang, leaving a lasting impression of Anvil’s musical prowess and undiminished fire.

However, the album isn’t without its minor faults. Some tracks, like ‘Rocking In The World,’ may come off as somewhat predictable, lacking the inventive spark found in the stronger numbers. Yet, these moments are few and far between, and they hardly overshadow the album’s overall excellence.

In conclusion, ‘One And Only’ is a well-rounded piece of work that highlights Anvil’s strengths while reaffirming their place in the metal pantheon. It’s a remarkable blend of raw energy, thoughtful lyrics, and unmatched musicianship. The slight dips in creativity are easily forgiven when the album as a whole is this formidable.

Rating: 8.5/10

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ANVIL Album Cover

One And Only’ track listing:
01 – One And Only 
02 – Feed Your Fantasy
03 – Fight For Your Rights 
04 – Heartbroken 
05 – Gold And Diamonds
06 – Dead Man Shoes
07 – Truth Is Dying 
08 – Rocking The World 
09 – Run Away 
10 – World Of Fools 
11 – Condemned Liberty 
12 – Blind Rage  

ANVIL are:
Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow (Vocals/Guitar)
Robb Reiner (Drums)
Chris Robertson (Bass/Vocals)

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ANVIL live: 
25.05.2024 (DE) Schönenberg-Kübelberg / Iron Fest Open Air
29.06.2024 (FR) Clisson, Hellfest
22.11.2024 (DE) Weissenhäuser Strand / Metal Hammer Paradise

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