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ATROPHY Return With New Album “Asylum”, And Share First Video Single “Punishment For All”

ATROPHY Band members

34 years since their latest album “Violent By Nature”, released in 1990, Tucson, Arizona-based thrash metal titans ATROPHY return with a brand new album! “Asylum” will be unleashed on March 15, 2024 via Massacre Records.

“Asylum” marks the next evolutionary step for ATROPHY. Keeping the speed of “Socialized Hate” and the grooves of “Violent By Nature”, this album adds a big dose of heaviness to the mix resulting in a satisfying aural kick in your face! Today, the iconic band has premiered a lyric video for their first single, the album opening track “Punishment For All”.

Punishment For All” was inspired by the attempted insurrection on January 6 (2021) with Covid-19 restrictions still in play. To sit in my living room and watch this unfold was almost too much to bear.

Americans were at each other‘s throats, calling people traitors, or trying to undermine democracy and not believing in the results of the election, following the myriad conspiracy theories that were swirling around at the time.” Frontman Brian Zimmerman comments.

“I thought to myself what if they were successful? What are we, as a country divided, going to do then? Take down everything we have built together as a country? What are we putting in place? Are we just going to do whatever the loudest people tell us to do? The whole thing was just absolutely crazy.”

ATROPHY Album Cover

“Asylum” tracklist:

  1. Punishment For All
  2. High Anxiety
  3. Seeds Of Sorrow
  4. Distortion
  5. Bleeding Out
  6. American Dream
  7. Close My Eyes
  8. The Apostle
  9. Five Minutes ‘Til Suicide

Album Line-up:

Brian Zimmerman – Vocals
Nathan Montalvo – Lead Guitar
Mark Coglan – Rhythm Guitar
Josh Gibbs – Bass Guitar
Jonas Shütz – Drums

Guest Musicians:

Kragen Lum – Lead Guitar on “American Dream”
Justin Stear – Bass Guitar on “American Dream”, “Close My Eyes”, “Distortion”

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