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Australian Prog Maestro Rob Favotto to Unveil Cosmic Masterpiece “Kalki” on January 18th

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Prepare for a descent into cosmic realms as Australian instrumentalist Rob Favotto unveils his latest sonic opus, Kalki, on January 18th. Favotto, a master of the progressive metal and rock domain, brings forth a spellbinding fusion of doomy atmospheres, gritty elements, and impressive solos, creating an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary.

With a musical journey marked by a penchant for pushing boundaries, Favotto’s sound is both ethereal and gritty, a delicate balance of cosmic exploration and dark, brooding undertones. The forthcoming album showcases his mastery in blending dynamic rock elements, clean rhythmic passages, and distorted lead themes, establishing him as a pioneer in the progressive music landscape.

In Kalki, Favotto delves into the abyss, crafting compositions that are both haunting and enthralling. The album’s doomy undertones serve as a sonic backdrop to impressive solos, creating a musical tapestry that captivates from start to finish. Each track is a journey, an exploration of cosmic depths that demands attention and reverence.

Rob Favotto’s commitment to musical excellence is not only seen in the intricate arrangements but also heard in the collaborative synergy with exceptional global talents. Vocalist Sime from Sevensent, drummer Naman Sachdev from India, and bassist Federico Palmolellacontribute their prowess to enhance the dark, gritty elements woven into the fabric of Kalki.

Mastered by the acclaimed Bruce Templeton, Kalki is poised to redefine the expectations of progressive music enthusiasts. For those seeking an otherworldly auditory experience with a touch of darkness, impressive solos, and gritty elements, Kalki is a must-listen. Save the date – January 18th marks the arrival of a cosmic masterpiece that will leave an indelible mark on the progressive music landscape.

Latest Single: Kali Ma
In addition to the upcoming release of Kalki, Rob Favotto has recently unveiled the latest single titled Kali Ma. This song, named after the Hindu goddess, features dark undertones and soaring guitar solos, creating a foreboding yet mesmerizing and uplifting musical experience. True to its inspiration, Kali Ma sounds as mysterious as the goddess it honors, adding an intriguing layer to Favotto’s diverse musical repertoire.

About Rob Favotto:
Rob Favotto is an Australian instrumentalist celebrated for his groundbreaking work in progressive metal and rock. With an unwavering commitment to pushing musical boundaries and a dedication to achieving sonic excellence, Favotto’s compositions serve as transcendent voyages, crafting musical epics that transcend conventional boundaries, inviting audiences on a captivating journey to the outer limits and propelling them into cosmic realms.
His sonic palette encompasses cosmic guitar tones, creatively non-repetitive structures, and a multi-genre approach that unfolds like a mesmerizing mind movie in sound.

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1000 Eyes
Kali Ma
No More War
The Cosmic Drama

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