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 AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE Returns with New Single, “No Pain No Gain”


AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE are baaaaack… and it’s been worth the “weight”! After nearly 10 years of absence, the world’s most brutal band has muscled their way back into the scene with a brand new single, “No Pain No Gain”, alongside a new music video. With a new album planned in 2024 and a new worldwide contract inked with premier Austrian rock and metal empire Napalm Records.

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE, the unmissable project of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis, launched 15 years ago as a one man band – triumphing as the metal scene’s newest obsession with their 2008 debut album, Total Brutal. After releasing two more acclaimed albums in 2009 and 2014, the one man band did the impossible – they broke up. After a decade of regrowth and rebirth, and with the help of good friends by his side, Lambesis finally felt inspired to work on new music for the project – eventually emerging as the collaborative, recharging effort it was always meant to be. Now, the band prepares for the release of their upcoming fourth album, currently circling a 2024 release date.

Providing a powerful sample of what’s to come, “No Pain No Gain” features special guest vocals from pro-bodybuilder Craig Golias and a searing guitar solo from axe god Angel Vivaldi. The aggressive metalcore track punches like Ahhnold himself with charging riffs and addictive melody. Don’t skip this blistering burner (or leg day, for that matter), and get shredded to “No Pain No Gain” naaaughhh!!!!

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE mastermind Tim Lambesis offers:
“This upcoming album – it is the heaviest of them all. Ahhnold told me to make it more brutal, and so of course I listened. For music production nerds, it’s also a more modern style of production than what you may be used to with this band, but still retains my thrash roots – which you can hear on ‘No Pain No Gain’. Anyway, Ahhnold told me I’ve really grown up and come into my own as a well oiled machine… but he also said to destroy the machines, so I’m a little confused…

Also, I’m honored to be working with Napalm Records! Besides Napalm having such a powerful global presence and an incredible staff, Ahhnold told me we had to sign based on the brutality of the name alone. Like 80’s action and Ahhnold, it is the perfect combo.”

Thomas Caser, Napalm Records Managing Director/Head of A&R, adds:
“Adapted from the famous Arnie/Terminator slogan ‘I’ll be back’, AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE is finally back after over a decade, returning with their most brutal and fun output ever!”

Stay tuned for details on the fourth AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE album, coming soon!


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