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Einar Solberg “The Congregation” (Acoustic) Album Review by Friedrich Christian Stenzel

Einar Solberg

After Einar Solberg released his first solo album, “16”, in 2023, enthusiasts of melodramatic art rock might have thought that an album couldn’t be more dominated by virtuosic vocal performances and vast melodic arches. Well, they thought wrong. What an exciting time to be a Solberg fan! “16” should have fulfilled every melancholic soul’s desire […]

Caligula’s Horse “Charcoal Grace” Album Review by Friedrich Christian Stenzel

Caligulas Horse

Let’s take a minute to appreciate that 55 years after the big bang that was “In The Court Of The Crimson King”, there are still artists out there, immersing themselves in polyrhythms, crafting 14 minute mini-operas, and delving into lyrics about history and philosophy rather than umbrellas or partying. Enthusiasts of multi-part longtracks out there, […]

TEMIC “Terror Management Theory” Album Review

Temic Band Members

After keyboard wizard Diego Tejeida and Haken split ways in November 2021, lots of rumors were going around about new musical directions, collaborations, and where Tejeida would find “a new musical home”. The two parties developed different musical interests and decided to go their separate ways [sic] after six and a half glorious albums. While Haken reunited with their original keyboardist and founding […]

Steven Wilson – The Harmony Codex (Album Review)


Steven Wilson usually makes it true: his promise to not promise anything. Content to be able to challenge his listeners, not having to submit to conventions, limits, or expectations, he plays with whatever his fans are expecting, giving them a smirk, saying “oh, you thought this was going to be apple? Sorry, here’s banana”. And usually, […]

TesseracT – War Of Being (Album Review)


You know it’s a good year for progressive metal when all of Haken, Periphery and TesseracT decide to release the new music they’ve tirelessly been working on over the last years. These times have not been easy for musicians and music fans alike, with concert tours being postponed or scrapped, release schedules being messed with, and musicians being separated, unable […]

Flying Colors Third Stage: Live In London | REVIEW by Friedrich Stenzenl


Singer Casey McPherson, guitar wizard Steve Morse, groove monster Dave LaRue and the relentless Mike Portnoy and Neal Morse have been making music together for about a decade now. Still, they have been making themselves rare by releasing only three albums but maintaining a high quality among all of them. When you throw together a supergroup of such big names who are frequently this present in the music business, there’s bound to be scheduling conflicts. As a result, the number of times th […]

Riverside latest album Wasteland reviewed by Friedrich Stenzenl

Riverside Wasteland album cover

The dreamy sounds and vast keyboard harmonies standing next to odd time signatures, heavy riffs and Mariusz Duda’s introverted, yet charismatic vocals provide for a sound that make Riverside unmistakable among modern progressive rock bands. The formation from Poland have appeared into the world of music with a bold move, in form of their big conceptual piece „Reality Dream Trilogy“, consisting of their first three albums. As if this wasn’t enough, bass player, sing […]

The Sea Within – The Sea Within – Album review by Friedrich Stenzel

The-Sea-Within album cover

The Sea Within – Here are a few things that can’t be mistaken: When Chris Squire plays that first mighty note, when Phil Collins introduces a song with one of his huge fills, when David Gilmour doesn’t need more than just a few notes to say it all. When Roine Stolt composes harmony sequences, when […]

HAKEN – L-1VE review by Friedrich Stenzel

haken-l1ve album cover

Haken has evolved into a strong force in the genre of progressive rock. Their debut album was already too perfect to be a debut album, and every following album has explored something new, without missing that typical Haken sound. The band has reached a first creative climax with their critically acclaimed 2013 effort The Mountain, only to […]