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BALANCE OF POWER Unleashes Music Video For New Single “One More Time Around The Sun”.

Balance Of Power Fresh From The Abyss credit Neil Jackson

Almost 20 long years since the release of their latest studio album “Heathen Machine”, UK heavy metal act BALANCE OF POWER returns with a new band line-up and brand new studio offering! “Fresh From The Abyss” will be released on April 19, 2024 via Massacre Records.

Founding members Tony Ritchie (bass) and Lionel Hicks (drums) are joined the band’s new lead vocalist Hazel Jade as well as guitarists Chris Young and Adam Wardle, who have since taken over the reins from guitarists Chris Masimore and Stoney Wagner, with whom the band worked on and recorded the upcoming album “Fresh From The Abyss”.

Following previously-released album tracks such as “Never Be Here Again” and “Abyss”, today, BALANCE OF POWER present their new single “One More Time Around The Sun”!

Tony comments: “The song is about wanting to spend another year and then another and another with the person you love. I don’t usually write about specific people, but this song was inspired by my love for my wife Diki and never wanting it to end. Hazel changed the melody of the line “Take me one more time around the sun” which added such a great hook to the chorus. Lionel was responsible for the double time sections which lifted the song onto another level for the solos.

Written before, during and after the pandemic, the band took a more organic approach and tested themselves with new and different ways of writing their songs. Largely about life and death, “Fresh From The Abyss” is a collection of songs that either stops the clock and points to a moment in time or stands back and encompasses the vastness of time and space, and living and dying.

Produced by Toby Jepson and Lionel Hicks, “Fresh From The Abyss” was mixed by Sam Lowe with a remix by Mike Plotnikoff. For the mastering, the band hired Simon Francis, the cover artwork was created by Antz White with a design from Stuart Dilley.

Balance Of Power Fresh From The Abyss 1


  1. Last Man Down
  2. Never Be Here Again
  3. Monster
  4. Rage Of Ages
  5. Abyss
  6. Velocity
  7. Deadlands
  8. One More Time Around The Sun

Hazel Jade – Lead Vocals
Chris Young – Guitars
Adam Wardle – Guitars
Tony Ritchie – Bass, Vocals
Lionel Hicks – Drums

Album Line-Up:
Hazel Jade – Lead Vocals
Chris Masimore – Guitars
Stoney Wagner – Guitars
Tony Ritchie – Bass, Vocals
Julien Spreutels – Keyboards
Lionel Hicks – Drums

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