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Belgian death metal band CATHARSIS released the single “PRO PATRIA MORI” from the upcoming EP “I” rerelease.

Catharsis band members

Catharsis (Kuh-thahr-sis) “noun” The process of releasing, and thereby providing relief of emotional tensions through kibnds of art or music. Catharsis is a Belgian Death metal band born and raised in the chaos of the 2020 raging Corona pandemic. They are scene veterans hailing from 90’s bands like Death’s Bride, Solipsist, Brutal Exposure, Body of Christ & Signs of Cain.

CATHARSIS will re-release their EP “I” on February 1st, 2024!

I” has been remixed, remastered and supplemented with the “Durango Session” where Catharsis performed live at Radio Benelux on October 17th, 2023! Tracks 1 to 4 has been remixed and remastered by GIO SMET RECORDS. Tracks 5 to 10 were recorded by Radio Benelux.

Fans have to be quick to order though, as the copies are limited to 100!

On March 11, 2023, the band released their debut EP “I” to the world, which brought some laudatory

“It’s absolutely great, brutal but in a catchy way and tuneful.”
A series of shows promoting “I” followed, and yes, critical acclaim followed.

They brought veracious death metal that reminds of bands like Death, Deicide, Obituary and Morbid
Angel. Catharsis wasted no time on stage and unleashed mayhem on the crowd with Larz
headbanging and delivering primal vocals, and the others delivering menacing riffs and pounding

Catharsis is soon noticed by the international Wormhole Death Records, but decides to opt for a label
from their own country and signs for 3 releases with Gio Smet records.
“At Gio’s we are not just the umpteenth band on the pile. Here we get Gio’s full attention and
cooperation with our plans”

A re-release of “I” is imminent, supplemented with the live broadcast “durango” session that the band
will play for radio Benelux in October. Remixed, remastered, limited to 100 copies!

Pre ordering can be done right on this link: Webshop | Gio Smet Records

Album cover

Tracklist “I”:

  1. As The Crow Flies
  2. Pro Patria Mori
  3. Squidnunc
  4. Cauchemar
  5. As The Crow Flies (Live)
  6. A Bloodier Shade Of Pale (Live)
  7. Pro Patria Mori (Live)
  8. Cauchemar (Live)
  9. Squidnunc (Live)
  10. Whirlpool (Live)

In nomine Catharsis!

Larz, Werner, Luc & Gert

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