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Belgian Noise Post Rock Discovery Sonic Tides Drops Single & Video “The Maze, Pt.1”

“Noise post-rockers Sonic Tides proudly release ‘The Maze, Pt.1,’ the lead single from their upcoming EP, ‘Six Sided Square,’ set for re-release on October 13th, 2023, via Epictronic.

This composition skillfully mirrors the experience of navigating a complex labyrinth, capturing feelings of entrapment and desperation while reflecting the relentless pursuit of an elusive escape. The song paints a vivid picture of an inescapable cycle, mirroring the struggle to break free from suffocating circumstances. Its poignant lyrics mirror the emotional turmoil of seeking an escape that always seems just out of reach, while an external force looms beyond the maze’s confining walls.

Sonic Tides, a Belgian five-piece with an alternative sound ranging from noise rock to stoner rock with psychedelic elements, has garnered attention for their unique musical style. Their music takes listeners on a sonic journey filled with hypnotic harmonies and a darkly atmospheric landscape. The band’s ability to craft intricate, progressive song structures featuring rhythmic and harmonic shifts showcases their deep understanding of their craft. Through this collaboration, Sonic Tides aims to push the boundaries of their creativity and explore new frontiers within the post-rock genre.

Sonic Tides

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