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Beyond Extinction “Nothing More Wretched” (Deluxe Anniversary Edition) Album Review


Beyond Extinction‘s sophomore EP, “Nothing More Wretched,” marks its one-year milestone with a deluxe anniversary edition, an endeavor that speaks volumes about the band’s relentless journey in the death metal arena. Released under Dead Species Records, this version not only commemorates the EP’s initial success but enriches it with two significant additions that seamlessly enhance its dark, foreboding essence.

The opening track, “Warmth of the Empty Light,” is a masterful prelude that encapsulates the EP’s overarching atmosphere. Its brooding, atmospheric quality sets a tone of impending doom that resonates throughout the album, perfectly preparing the listener for the onslaught to come. When “The Subjugator” erupts, it’s as if a dormant beast has been unleashed, showcasing Beyond Extinction‘s prowess in crafting songs that are both ferocious and intricately textured.

The track “Gravedigger” stands out as a testament to the band’s versatility, slowing the tempo but not the intensity. It’s a moment of crushing heaviness that demonstrates their ability to explore the depths of their genre without sacrificing the raw, visceral impact of their music.

The addition of “Reverse Life Support,” featuring Dilan Alves from Harbinger, and “Posthuman” to the anniversary edition elevates the EP to new heights. Alves‘s contribution brings a fresh dynamic to the already robust sonic palette of Beyond Extinction, while “Posthuman” stretches the boundaries of death metal vocals with its chilling range and intensity. These tracks do not merely extend the playtime of the EP; they enrich its narrative, adding layers of complexity and emotion to an already compelling collection.

Nothing More Wretched” is an unrelenting force, a showcase of Beyond Extinction‘s mastery over their craft and their contribution to the evolution of death metal. The anniversary edition is not just a celebration of past achievements but a bold statement of the band’s enduring impact and their potential to shape the genre’s future. With a blend of menacing vocals, punishing instrumentals, and a keen sense of atmospheric depth, Beyond Extinction reaffirms their position at the forefront of the death metal wave.

Rating this EP is challenging, not because it lacks merit, but because it transcends the conventional metrics of evaluation with its innovation and intensity. Yet, in the spirit of quantifiable assessment, “Nothing More Wretched (Anniversary Edition)” deserves a solid 9.5 out of 10. It’s a profound, pulsating piece of art that not only pays homage to the roots of death metal but also propels it forward into uncharted territories.

Album review by Luz Figueroa

Beyond Extinction album

Track Listing
1. Warmth of the Empty Light
2. The Subjugator
3. Nothing More Wretched
4. Gravedigger
5. Eyes of God Look Dow Upon Me
6. Plague Monarch
7. Reverse Life Support
8. Posthuman

Band Members
Jasper Harmer – vocals
Jude Bennett – guitars
Niall Ali – drums and percussion

Social Media
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

BEYOND EXTINCTION also recently announced a poignant tribute show to their late guitarist, Zach Scott, who passed away in August 2023. Raising awareness for the alarming rate of male suicide in the UK, this heartfelt event takes place on 17th August 2024 in The Underworld, London, and sees a line-up consisting of bands that Zach toured and worked closely with over the years, including BEYOND EXTINCTIONGodeaterGlowerBitterwoodExistentialistDygoraHow Long Have You Been Driving, and headliners Osiah

Tickets available here.
Donations here:

Alongside the bands performing, all proceeds and donations will go towards three charities chosen by Zach’s family to raise awareness and funds to support individuals grappling with mental health challenges: Young Minds, Help Musicians, and CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).

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