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Black Country Communion “V” Album Review by Jorge Pozo

black country communion

In the never ending landscape of rock, where the echoes of legends often overpower emerging melodies, Black Country Communion stands out not merely as a supergroup but as an institution of musical alchemy. With Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham, and Derek Sherinian at its helm, their fifth studio endeavor, V, emerges not just as a collection of tracks, but as a clear call to the resilience and innovation of rock music itself.

V embarks on a sonic journey that is immediately compelling, a feat not easily accomplished in today’s frenetic musical climate. From the opening chords of “Enlighten” to the closing notes of “The Open Road,” Black Country Communion showcases not only their individual mastery but a synergistic prowess that elevates the album to a masterpiece of contemporary rock. Each track unfolds like a chapter in a saga, with “Stay Free” delivering an audacious blend of hard rock energy infused with blues, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of legends like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.

The album visually signifies a shift, moving away from the traditional aesthetic of their previous albums to embrace a futuristic, conceptual art style. This visual evolution mirrors the band’s audacity to explore and redefine without straying from the essence of their sound. Each track is meticulously crafted, with Kevin Shirley’s production honing a sound that is at once homage and innovation. The riffs are formidable, the hooks are abundant, and the soul of rock ‘n’ roll pervades every moment.

“Red Sun” stands out as an exemplar of what makes V so remarkable. It offers a Led Zeppelin-esque riff paired with an emotive bridge, showcasing the band’s ability to balance powerhouse rock with intricate emotional nuances. Bonamassa’s guitar work throughout the album is nothing short of stunning, weaving together classic and contemporary styles with finesse. Hughes’ vocal prowess is astounding, his voice a fountain of youth and fervor that defies his years.

The rythm section, led by Bonham on the drums, provides a solid backbone to the album, with his signature heavy but unobtrusive style. Sherinian’s keyboard work, fills the sonic palette with rich textures, proving once again that his contributions, though not always in the spotlight, are indispensable to the band’s sound.

In an era where digital streams often dictate the ebb and flow of musical trends, V stands as a monument to the enduring allure of rock music. It is both a nod to the past and a gaze into the future, a reminder that true musical craftsmanship can transcend time and fleeting trends.

Black Country Communion has not just created an album; they have reignited the flame of rock with V, ensuring that the genre’s heartbeat is as strong as ever. With their fifth album, they’ve not only exceeded expectations but have set new standards for themselves and their contemporaries.

For its relentless energy, masterful execution, and unwavering commitment to the spirit of rock, V deserves a glowing rating of 9.5 out of 10. It’s a beacon for the genre, an album that not only satisfies the soul of those yearning for rock’s return to form but also introduces a new generation to its undying flame.

Black Country Communion Album Cover

Track List
1. Enlighten
2. Stay Free
3. Red Sun
4. Restless
5. Letting Go
6. Skyway
7. You’re Not Alone
8. Love And Faith
9. Too Far Gone
10. The Open Road

About Black Country Communion
BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION is a powerhouse supergroup fusing the incredible talents of Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Trapeze), Joe Bonamassa (Blues Rock Legend), Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin, Sammy Hagar and the Circle, Foreigner) and Derek Sherinian (Whom Gods Destroy, Sons of Apollo, Dream Theater).

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