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Black Wound “Warping Structure” Album Review by Antoine Karam

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In the murky depths where death metal collides with doom’s despair, BLACK WOUND forges an audacious path with their debut album, Warping Structure. Diverging from the Swedish death/doom lineage, this trio enwraps their sound in a cloak of auditory desolation, reminiscent of the rawness one might attribute to sludge metal, yet distinctively forging its own dark trail. The album’s production veers towards the lo-fi, producing a claustrophobic atmosphere that, while undoubtedly raw, at times encumbers the potential ferocity lying within.

Warping Structure embarks on a menacing voyage across six tracks, enveloping listeners in a soundscape that would be as at home in the dank recesses of a subterranean cavern as it would echoing through abandoned cityscapes marked by decay. This is not the death/doom of old; rather, BLACK WOUND—comprising vocal and instrumental efforts that seem to channel the abyss itself—embraces a nihilistic embrace of noise rock, power electronics, and black metal to craft something altogether more sinister.

Tracks such as “Sworn” and “Trench Blast” serve as conduits for the band’s experimentation, blending bone-rattling howls, static-charged shrieks, and an onslaught of feedback that blurs the lines between extreme metal and the abrasive ethos of industrial noise. The production, which one might argue leans too heavily on its underproduced charm, sometimes muddles the distinction between innovative cacophony and undisciplined disarray.

Yet, beneath the oppressive weight of the album’s sound lies an undeniable ingenuity. The marriage of styles invokes the desolation of urban decay rather than the well-trodden paths of fantasy, bringing a refreshing, if stark, realism to their lyrical themes. The instrumental arrangements, although occasionally veiled by the album’s lo-fi aesthetic, harbor flashes of brilliance that demand a discerning ear to fully appreciate. The driving force of the drums and the omnipresent bass create a foundation over which the guitar work, though sometimes lost in the mix, weaves a tapestry of doom-laden melodies.

There’s a raw, unrefined quality to Warping Structure that speaks to the ambition of BLACK WOUND. While the album’s production choices are undoubtedly divisive, they underscore a fearless approach to sound—embracing extremity and inaccessibility not as byproducts, but as central facets of their artistic vision. Nonetheless, this debut teeters on the precipice between groundbreaking and groundless; its potential occasionally suffocated by its own oppressive atmosphere.

For those enticed by the fringes of the metal spectrum, where genre boundaries dissolve into uncharted sonic territory, BLACK WOUND offers a harrowing journey with Warping Structure. It’s an album not easily penetrated, demanding patience and an appreciation for the unorthodox. While it’s clear that this debut stumbles in places—its aspiration towards utter desolation sometimes leaving it gasping for air—the moments of clarity within suggest a band on the cusp of something truly monumental.

Rating: 6.5/10.

BLACK WOUND’s Warping Structure is a complex, challenging debut that skirts the edges of metal’s outer limits. It’s a raw, almost primordial cry from the depths that resonates with potential, even if it occasionally loses its way in the dark.

Black Wound

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Grunts & Low End – W.K
Caustic Strings – D.L
Warhammers – G.M

Release notes
Artwork by W.K
Produced by W.K and G.M


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