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BLOOD CEREMONY Releases New Single ‘Power Of Darkness,’ Accompanied by a Captivating Music Video

Blood Ceremony band members

Blood Ceremony, signed to Rise Above Records, introduces their latest single, “Powers Of Darkness,” accompanied by a fresh music video. This track, extracted from their fifth studio album titled “The Old Ways Remain” (released earlier this year in May), sees the band delving into uncharted realms of mystical melodies, infused with a captivating pop allure.

Reflecting on this release, founding member Sean Kennedy shares, “A decade has passed since our previous music video, and we’re exhilarated to present a new promotional video for ‘Powers of Darkness.’ We drew inspiration from iconic 1960s music programs like Beat Club and Ready, Steady, Go! Director Mark Cira captured a moody, live-off-the-floor ambiance. The song delves into invoking ominous elements, infused with a substantial dose of pop-occult eccentricity that hovers around the performance.”

Take a glimpse at the new video below.

Seven years have elapsed since Blood Ceremony’s last full-length release, but this changes in 2023. Forged during lockdown months and enriched by a roster of esteemed special guests, their fifth album “The Old Ways Remain” exhibits diversity, hypnotic allure, and undeniable groove.

While these new compositions push Blood Ceremony’s sonic boundaries, they also pay homage to the primordial ethos that underpins their past successes. Initially intending to recreate the prosperous approach that birthed “Lord of Misrule” and record once more at Toe Rag Studios in London, these plans were thwarted by Covid restrictions. Consequently, Sean and fellow musicians – Alia O’Brien (vocals/flute/organ), Lucas Gadke (bass), and Michael Carillo (drums) – executed a simpler yet equally satisfying Plan B.

“By late 2021, we realized that if we were ever going to finish a new album, we’d just have to record locally and do it ourselves,” guitarist Sean Kennedy shares. “And that’s what we did. We started rehearsing the material again and were still really excited by it. Once we revisited everything, we had a new burst of energy. We found a local studio that had what we needed and we were off! Recording nearby allowed us to bring in friends like Laura Bates from (fellow folk-doom crew) Völur to play fiddle, Joseph Shabason added saxophone to ‘Eugenie,’ and Mike Eckert played pedal steel on ‘Hecate.’ We produced ourselves, along with our friend, Paul Keyahas. We worked with an engineer named Chris Snow who immediately got what we were trying to do. Richard Whittaker mixed the tracks at his London, UK, studio, and we think he did a great job.”

A vital testament to Blood Ceremony’s collective efficacy, The Old Ways Remain is an album for those who love great songs, great riffs and cryptic tales from the outer limits. Order the album here.

Blood Ceremony album cover


“The Hellfire Club”
“Lolly Willows”
“Powers Of Darkness”
“The Bonfires At Belloc Coombe”
“Mossy Wood”
“Song Of The Morrow”

“Powers Of Darkness” video:

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