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Carrion Vael Release New Album “Cannibals Anonymous”

Melodic deathcore quintet Carrion Vael has today released their new album ‘Cannibals Anonymous’ via Unique Leader Records. ‘Cannibals Anonymous’ is the follow-up full-length to the band’s 2022 ULR debut, ‘Abhorrent Obsessions’. In celebration of the news, the band has shared their new single Love Zombie and the accompanying lyric video. Speaking about today’s news, the band shared:

Roughly 30 years ago, a young man by the name of Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer roamed the unsuspecting midwestern bar scene of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Jeffrey’s intention was to lure young men back to his apartment, drug them, and possess their lives. Dahmer would drill a hole into the head of these men, and using a turkey baster, inject hydrochloric acid into their brain. His hope was that it would help make zombie sex slaves to sooth the loneliness he suffered, with the companionship he craved. “Love Zombie” is that story.

Carrion Vael Album Cover

Track Listing:

  1. In Words of Grimm
  2. Love Zombie
  3. Discount Meats
  4. Savage Messiah
  5. Pins and Needles
  6. You Die Either Way
  7. Augusta’s Dead
  8. Everything/Nothing

Carrion Vael Is:

Travis Lawson Purcell – Vocals
Al Arford – Bass
Trenton Limburg – Guitars
Ryan Kuder – Guitars
Matt Behner – Drums

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