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CAVALERA release iconic album SCHIZOPHRENIA

Calavera Band Members

CAVALERA has become synonymous with extreme metal music, a name that to this day still holds the highest regard, a family legacy built upon decades of musical aggression. 

In 2023, Max and Iggor Cavalera achieved what some would say was an impossible feat; they revisited their earliest releases, Morbid Visions, and Bestial Devastation, and re-recorded them with bone-breaking intensity. A risk that few would dare to even attempt, yet they artfully and prolifically attained their trademark raw sound by means that could only be described as magic or time travel. 

Today, the band releases the final chapter of their early-days trilogy, Schizophrenia. The iconic album in terms of early thrash and death metal, is a household name for those of us invested in extreme metal. It was the point where the Cavaleras refined their dark, dingy, speed-influenced songs, into something a bit more mature, developed, and technical. 

In celebration of the release, the band offer fans a fresh new single , ‘Nightmares Of Delirium’. The song is a bonus to the landmark 1987 album and features lyrics from Max’s son Igor Amadeus Cavalera.

Max Cavalera states, Schizophrenia has been locked away in a mental asylum for nearly 37 years. I’m very proud to bring it into the future with a modern sound without losing its old-school mentality. Complete with a new bonus track, ‘Nightmares of Delirium’, created especially for this album. Thrash till death!”

Iggor Cavalera comments, “Hello head bangers… can’t wait for you all to hear our re recorded version of Schizophrenia. It’s a labor of sweat and love… see you in the pit” 

No stranger to collaborations, the Cavalera brothers enlisted Travis Stone (PIG DESTROYER) on lead guitars, and that choice becomes obvious within the first song. The full lineup would consist of more Cavalera alumni, as Igor Amadeus Cavalera (GO AHEAD AND DIE, HEALING MAGIC) once more brought his talents on bass to the fold. Thundering and thrumming the low end with brute force, it is clear that the double Iggor and Igor combination is a rhythm section to be reckoned with.

It should come as no surprise that the CAVALERA brothers always felt that these songs deserved a fresh take with modern production. From April 15th to June 5th, 2023 the band re-recorded the album at Focusrite Room in Mesa, Arizona. Mixing and mastering was handled by Arthur Rizk (SOULFLY, GO AHEAD AND DIE, TURNSTILE).

Schizophrenia’s album cover has obsessed and fascinated fans for decades. The brothers left no stone unturned and no detail unnoticed, also revisioning the original cover artwork of the album, restored in hand-painted watercolors by Eliran Kantor

Calavera Album Cover
Calavera Album Cover

CAVALERA – Schizophrenia
Release Date: June 21, 2024

  1. Intro – Re-Recorded
  2. From the Past Comes the Storms – Re-Recorded
  3. To the Wall – Re-Recorded
  4. Escape to the Void – Re-Recorded
  5. Inquisition Symphony – Re-Recorded
  6. Screams Behind the Shadows – Re-Recorded
  7. Septic Schizo – Re-Recorded
  8. The Abyss – Re-Recorded
  9. R.I.P. (Rest in Pain) – Re-Recorded
  10. Nightmares of Delirium – New, never released

CAVALERA is traveling across Europe and the U.K. on their ‘Third World Trilogy’ tour. 

Purchase your tickets, here

24.06.2024 PL  Poznan – Tama
25.06.2024 DE  Bochum – Matrix
27.06.2024 SWE Malmo – Plan B
28.06.2024 SWE Gothenburg – Pustervik
29.06.2024 NO Oslo – Tons Of Rock Festival
02.07.2024 FR  Lyon – La’Rayonne
03.07.2024 ES  Pamplona – Totem
04.07.2024 ES  Madrid – Le Sala
05.07.2024 ES  Barcelona – Barcelona Rock Fest
06.07.2024 FR  Marseille – Julien
07.07.2024 IT  Vicenza – Metal Park Festival
09.07.2024 SI  Kranj – Subart Open Air
10.07.2024 HR  Pula – Open Air Klub Kotac
11.07.2024 AUT Dornbirn – Conrad Sohm
12.07.2024 HU  Dunaujvaros – Rockmaraton Festival
13.07.2024 CZ  Vizovice – Masters Of Rock
14.07.2024 RS  Novi Sad – Exit Festival
15.07.2024 BG  Sofia – Maimunarnika
18.07.2024 RO  Cluj-Napoca – Electric Castle

With the impressive catalog that the CAVALERA brothers have created over the years, you will soon see that Schizophrenia will also sit amongst their greatest achievements. Max and Iggor have relinquished an album that for many years was locked away behind rusty, iron cell doors, barred by straight jackets and haunted by madness. From the past comes the storms as Schizophrenia is set loose on the world once more!

Max Cavalera | Vocals, Guitar
Iggor Cavalera | Drums, Percussion
Igor Amadeus Cavalera | Bass
Travis Stone | Lead Guitar

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