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CELESTIAL SANCTUARY release lyric video for new single “Visions of Stagnant Blood”.


CELESTIAL SANCTUARY are celebrating their recent spoils of war with the release of a lyric video for the title track from their latest EP, Visions of Stagnant Blood. Showcasing newly harvested facets, not yet seen from the band – this is the band at their most frantic, crushing and darkest yet. 

On the new lyric video, vocalist Tom Cronin comments:
“We had all this amazing footage from these shows and wanted to emphasise the brutality of the lyrics from the song – so it made total sense to us to put together a lyric video for the track. My ‘day job’ is a video producer, so I spent a day throwing all the footage and graphics together to create some suitable disgusting visuals for the track!”

With heads still spinning atop their mangled spines from performances at Download Festival and a ‘special guest’ slot at Kerry King’s exclusive Electric Ballroom, (where they completely sold out of the vinyl run they created especially for the show), Visions of Stagnant Blood was originally surprise-dropped ahead of their biggest show to date at Download Festival a few weeks ago. The band are keeping up the pace and continuing to fly that dirty, rotten flag for UK extreme music. 

“These are not b-sides, these aren’t leftovers from old recording sessions. This is Celestial Sanctuary doing what we do – creating extreme shit for extreme people,” explains Cronin“We’ve been on the road playing all over the UK and Ireland, pretty relentlessly. If you’ve been to a death metal show here in the last two years, there’s a good chance you’ve seen us. Where other bands would be exhausted and using that as an excuse to become stagnant, we thrive on it. We writhe in the opportunity to keep making disgusting music. And this is our most vile creation yet. Death metal is our business and business is fucking good.’’

CELESTIAL SANCTUARY are back already and sounding more evil than ever before. Picking up exactly where last year’s Insatiable Thirst for Torment left off, with three brand new tracks: ‘Visions of Stagnant Blood’, ‘Puddles of You Reflect The Filth Within’, and ‘Gavage of the Vile’, available now. 


CELESTIAL SANCTUARY – ‘Visions of Stagnant Blood’
Album Artwork | Download hi-res version here
Track Listing:

  1. Visions of Stagnant Blood
  2. Puddles of You Reflect the Filth Within
  3. Gavage of the Vile

Band Members:
Tom Cronin – vocals, rhythm and lead guitar
Matt Adnett – guitar
Jay Rutterford – bass
James Burke – drums

Social Media Links:
Facebook || Instagram || Twitter

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