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CIANALAS: Reveals Tracklist of Upcoming Album “Far Beyond Healing”.

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Modern Metal duo CIANALAS is glad to share the tracklist of its new album “Far Beyond Healing” set to be released on all digital streaming platforms on June 7th

CIANALAS also released a new video for the album’s opener, “Evidence in Everything”. The song, featuring Markus’ daughter (12 years old at the time of recording) on vocals, is a violent wake up call for the human race who not only neglects its habitat, but actively destroys it. “Evidence in Everything” specifically points out that the human race isn’t that strong and that it will be the first to be dead and gone following an ecological disaster. It also points out that without water the human race is as good as dead.

With the upcoming album “Far Beyond Healing”CIANALAS incorporates melodic riffs and melancholic atmospheres into the modern metal genre.The new opuswill catch modern metal fans off-guard because of the presence of melodic death metal and some symphonic black metal elements. Don’t miss it if you are a fan of In FlamesCaliban, and Trivium!

Lyrically, the album showcases the members’ personal background and features socially critical content. Additionally, stories from the world of esteemed author J. R. R. Tolkien can be found in the lyrics of “Far Beyond Healing”.

CIANALAS Album Cover

Below you can read the definitive tracklist:
“Far Beyond Healing” tracklist:

  1. Evidence In Everything
  2. Through Ages Standing Tall
  3. Nothing Out There
  4. Better Days
  5. All Hail The Blinded
  6. Far Beyond Healing
  7. We’re the Idols
  8. The Opponent
  9. Let The Towers Fall
  10. Another Visit To Their Hell

Stephan – Music, All Instruments
Markus – Vocals, Lyrics

“Far Beyond Healing” was recorded by the band in its home studio. Tracks 4-6-10 mixed and mastered by Lukas Danning at Wayward Sound, the rest by Konst Fischer Mixing. Photos by Cianalas. Artwork and band logo by Markus Bauer.




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