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CNTS (Dead Cross, Qui & Retox) Release “Thoughts & Prayers” Video.

CNTS band

“It’s an exercise in tension… coated in gnarsty distortion.” – Revolver

CNTS… sardonic sense of humor and garage-y hardcore… sounding like it was recorded straight out of the practice space… adds a level of realness and believability that is all but absent from a lot of modern, studio-sterilized punk rock. – Consequence

CNTS are not in the business of giving the people what they want. Instead, this is the untamed, drugged-out and uproarious distillation of what the people actually need. Embrace the wrongness. 8/10″ – Blabbermouth

You knew they were bad news before you even came to answer the door. CNTS are here to f*** around and break things. Get on board– Ghost Cult.

CNTS, the Los Angeles-band featuring members of Dead Cross, Retox and Qui, have shared a video for “Thoughts & Prayers,” the title track from the album that arrived today via Ipecac Recordings.

“‘Thoughts And Prayers‘ was inspired by a bad day I was having during recuperation after my accident and subsequent surgeries,” Matt Cronk explains, referencing a car accident that injured the vocalist’s vocal cord and left him with a potentially life-altering condition. “I was angry and in a lot of pain, struggling to get through the day while not exacerbating my injuries. In the U.S., ‘thoughts and prayers,’ is a common, banal response to tragedies. Whenever someone shoots up a school or an airplane crashes into a shopping mall or an entire city overdoses on fentanyl, pundits and politicians flock to the cameras and social media with, ‘our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families…’ It’s stupid and insulting.”

CNTS album

Thoughts & Prayers track list:

  1. I Won’t Work For You
  2. Thoughts & Prayers
  3. Smart Mouth
  4. Dear Sir
  5. For A Good Time (Don’t Call Her)
  6. Alone
  7. Eating You Alive
  8. Real Truth
  9. Junkie
  10. Drown

Mike Crain (Dead Cross, Retox, Festival of Dead Deer)
Drummer Kevin Avery (Retox, Planet B)
Vocalist Matt Cronk (Qui).

More Info:

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