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Cobra 1981 has released second single from their upcoming debut album

A storm is brewing, two people meet in the street. The atmosphere is threatening, but escape is not an option. Yön salamat is like a comic book screen or artwork of a heavy metal album from the depths of the eighties. Cobra 1981 showcases its faster and more fierce side with its second single.

Like their debut single, Vanha kuoma, which received good attention both at home and abroad, Yön salamat was written in the 1980s. The song is part of the debut album to be released this spring, most of the songs from which have been dug from the band’s archives. The album was recorded as a studio live in an old barn, which also serves as the band’s practice space. While selecting and rehearsing songs, the band occasionally returned to listening to original demos and rehearsal tapes. Despite decades passing by, the enthusiasm and ferocity of the musicians hasn’t gone away. The fast tempos remained fast and the vocal melodies remained at their original heights.

Double guitars roar as Cobra 1981 rocks out with their second single!

Listen to the single on music services:

Cobra 1981:
Asko Ylinen – Vocals
Juha Sippola – Guitar & backing vocals
Jukka Laitila – Guitar
Reijo Hakola – Bass & backing vocals
Seppo Patteri – Drums

Cobra 1981 @ Facebook

Production, studio engineering ja mix: Arttu Volanto
Mastering engineer: Mika Jussila / Finnvox
Photos & Graphics: Roosa Sippola

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