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Cobra the Impaler “Karma Collision” album review by Jorge Pozo

Cobra The Impaler Band Member

In a landscape often saturated with formulaic metal acts, COBRA THE IMPALER rises distinctly as a pillar of innovation and fierceness with their latest release, “Karma Collision. The Belgian quintet, comprised of Manuel Remmerie on vocals, Thijs DC and James Falck wielding the guitars, Michele De Feudis on the bass, and Ace Zec behind the drums, encapsulates a sonic explosion that reverberates beyond the realm of their genre.

The album kicks off with “Magnetic Hex,” a track that immediately sets the tone with its electrifying riffs and Remmerie’s dynamic vocal range. It’s a bold opener that signals the band’s intent to blend melody with raw power seamlessly. The journey continues with “Godless Beyonder,” where technical guitar prowess meets haunting melodies, showcasing DC and Falck’s ability to craft riffs that are as intricate as they are impactful.

One of “Karma Collision”‘s most compelling aspects is its production quality. Under the discerning ear of drummer and producer, Ace Zec, each track unwraps layers of sonic depth, from the nuanced drum patterns to the bass lines that anchor the album’s gravitational pull. Songs like “Season of the Savage” and the introspectively acoustic “Eye of the Storm” highlight the band’s versatility and willingness to experiment without losing sight of their core sound.

The album reaches a climactic narrative with its titular track, “Karma Collision,” a masterpiece that epitomizes the album’s thematic essence of turmoil and resurgence. Meanwhile, tracks such as “My Inferno” and “The Fountain” delve into a more progressive territory without forsaking the album’s cohesive thread of aggression and melody.

However, it’s the closing tracks, “Assassins of The Vision” and “Shifting Sands,” that encapsulate the album’s ability to balance ferocity with finesse, leaving the listener eager for more.

Lyrically, “Karma Collision” navigates themes of existential angst and societal decay, all while offering a glimmer of defiance and hope. It’s a record that does more than just entertain; it challenges and captivates, securing COBRA THE IMPALER‘s place in the pantheon of modern metal.

The album artwork, a striking piece by Thijs De Cloedt, mirrors the chaos and beauty encapsulated in the album’s 10 tracks, rounding off the offering as a comprehensive piece of art.

“Karma Collision” is not just a follow-up to COBRA THE IMPALER‘s debut, but a quantum leap forward. It’s an album that manages to be intricate and accessible, heavy yet melodic, and above all, endlessly compelling. For their audacity to push boundaries and their skill in executing with finesse, “Karma Collision” earns a solid 9.5/10.

As they prepare to storm the stages of festivals like ArcTanGent, one can only anticipate the sheer force of their live performance. COBRA THE IMPALER has not just released an album; they’ve crafted an experience.

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Cobra The Impaler Album Cover

01 Magnetic Hex
02 Godless Beyonder
3 Season Of The Savage 
4 Eye Of The Storm 
05 Karma Collision
06 My Inferno
07 The Fountain
08 The Message
09 Assassins Of The Vision
10 Shifting Sands

Cobra The Impaler is:
Thijs De Cloedt (Guitars)
Ace Zec (Drums)
Manuel Remmerie (Vocals)
James Falck (Guitars)
Michele De Feudis (Bass & Vocals)

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