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CRIMSON VEIL – continue supporting LORDI across Europe.

CRIMSON VEIL Band members

Emerging from the vibrant UK metal scene, CRIMSON VEIL have been making a significant impact across Europe, joining the powerhouse line-up of LORDI‘s “Unliving Pictour Show.” With Mishkin Fitzgerald on vocals, Garry Mitchell wielding his guitar, Hana Piranha on electric cello and Anna Mylee on drums, the band deliver an intoxicating mix of death growls, ethereal soundscapes and progressive rock elements. Adorned as deities of light and darkness, CRIMSON VEIL transform each stage into a haunting spectacle with their ritualistic and shamanic performances. Fans and critics alike describe it as a “mystical rite that melds fragile beauty with fierce energy.”

After acclaimed shows in France and the UK, CRIMSON VEIL are now set to continue their journey with LORDI and ALL FOR METAL, bringing their unique brand of alternative metal to fans in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland!

The band members are excited to return: “Being a part of the French-British leg of LORDI’s current “Unlicing Pictour Show” was a dream come true and felt like going through a fantastically epic nightmare. It’s an honour to share the stage with them and ALL FOR METAL again, and we’d like to express our gratitude to all people for welcoming us so warmly. We can’t wait to kick off our personal second leg in Stuttgart in order to expand the CRIMSON VEIL coven.”

CRIMSON VEIL blend rock, metal and film music to create a unique, sinister soundscape. Their performances are an essential experience for fans of an extraordinary music experience, art and dark aesthetics.


Creating unique, sinister soundscapes, the UK based outfit — consisting of four talented multi-instrumentalists — ingeniously combines elements of rock, metal and film music while lyrically covering esoteric topics, accompanied by dark visual aesthetics.Their members originally come from different band projects and bring an impressive touring history across the UK, the US and Mexico. In addition, they have also been able to work with music industry greats such as Paul Reeve  (MUSE etc.) and John Fryer (DEPECHE MODENINE INCH NAILS) in the past.



“Unliving Pictour Show 2024”
Presented by DMAX, musix, Metal Hammer, Rock It!, Radio Bob!, Break Out & ITM
19.04.2024 DE Stuttgart – Im Wizemann
20.04.2024 DE Markneukirchen – Musikhalle
22.04.2024 CZ Prague – Roxy
23.04.2024 CZ Ostrava – Garage Club
25.04.2024 CH Pratteln – Konzertfabrik Z7
26.04.2024 DE Memmingen – Kaminwerk
27.04.2024 DE Munich – Backstage
30.04.2024 DE Mannheim – Capitol
02.05.2024 DE Regensburg-Obertraubling – Eventhall Airport
03.05.2024 DE Leipzig – Hellraiser

31.05. – 02.06.2024 CZ Pilsen – Metalfest

Mishkin Fitzgerald | vocals
Garry Mitchell | guitars (Strandberg)
Hana Piranha | electric cello
Anna Mylee | drums

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