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CRIMSON VEIL – “Illuminate” the metal world with artistical new music video & single.

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Spectacular times for CRIMSON VEIL: after fascinating fans under most ominous weather conditions at Metalfest Open Air (CZ), the UK based band open the second chapter of their myth-enshrouded “Hex” (September 20, 2024 through Reigning Phoenix Music) story today. Their new single and music video, ‘Illuminate,’ is an excellent portrayal of their stage acting, which should eventually be experienced firsthand to fully absorb the quartet’s art, completed by highly emotional tones of both vocal and instrumental sections.

CRIMSON VEIL explain, “‘Illuminate’ was written during a period of dark reflection, waiting for a new pathway to appear. It’s about letting go of your dreams and giving yourself over to the universe and trusting it will guide you out of a dead end.”

Always known for rising to new challenges, the music video for ‘Illuminate’ features contemporary dance, ballet and demonology, all performed by singer Mishkin and cellist Hana. Mirroring each other in a beautiful church hall, the pair perform a shadow and light dance ritual over a giant sigil chalked into the floor. Musically, the song is a construct of ethereal vocals on a bed of cellos, guitars and complex yet subtle drum patterns. As the song builds, singer Mishkin screams the lyrical mantra as the music explodes into a heavy instrumental before coming in for the final chorus. ‘Even If I Crawl As I Lay Under The Weight Of It All’ was the song’s original title but it was shortened to ‘Illuminate’ as its meaning is about waiting for the pathway to appear while in a period of dark reflection.


Creating unique, sinister soundscapes, the UK based outfit ingeniously combines elements of rock, metal and cinematic music while lyrically covering esoteric topics, accompanied by dark visual aesthetics. The four talented multi-instrumentalists originally come from different band projects and bring an impressive touring history across the UK, the US and Mexico. They have worked with music industry greats such as Paul Reeve (MUSE etc.) and John Fryer (DEPECHE MODENINE INCH NAILS) in the past.

Mishkin Fitzgerald | vocals
Garry Mitchell | guitars
Hana Piranha | electric cello
Anna Mylee | drums.

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