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CRYING STEEL announce “Live And Thunder”

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Italian heavy metal band Crying Steel have announced “Live And Thunder”, a brand new live album recorded at the band’s 40th anniversary festival in their hometown of Bologna in Italy. “Live And Thunder” will be released on CD via Underground Symphony Records on 28 February 2024. The album will also be available digitally. 

The trailer introduces a new character from the Crying Steel world: Agent Steel. Who is she? Where does she come from? Let’s see how the Agent Steel saga develops. 

“Live And Thunder” was recorded at Alchemica Music Club, mixed by Roberto Priori (Pristudio) and produced by Crying Steel. The artwork was completed by Francesco Nipoti & Maria Cecilia Bucchi.

The band commented: “In 2022 we celebrated 40 years of Crying Steel at Alchemica Music Club in our hometown of Bologna. It was a great night and we shared the stage with our friends in In.Si.Dia, The Human Tornado, Hocculta, Spitfire and Crisalide. It was a special night so we wanted to commemorate it with a live album. We can’t wait to hit the road again and play at a venue near you! Stay tuned for more news from the Crying Steel camp, and as always Stay Steel!

This announcement follows the news that Crying Steel will be embarking on a three-date co-headlining tour of Italy with American heavy metallers Vicious Rumours. Crying Steel will perform the band’s classic debut album “On The Prowl” in its entirety during these dates. “On The Prowl” is the band’s first full-length album, which saw them enter the history of Italian heavy metal and beyond. The tour promises to be truly special, as Vicious Rumors will also present their historic first album “Soldiers of the Night” live in its entirety. 

Italian dates with Vicious Rumours:
02 June – LET IT BEER – ROME

Crying Steel was formed in 1982 and is considered to be one of the very first heavy metal acts to come out of Italy. The band’s discography includes: Crying Steel (1985), On the Prowl (1987), The Steel is Back! (2007), Time Stands Steel (2013), Crying Steel Deluxe Edition (Crying Steel and On the Prowl remastered + Wacken DVD – 2016), Stay Steel (2018) and Steel Alive (2019). 


“Live And Thunder” tracklist: 
1. Hammerfall
2. Crank it Up
3. Defender
4. Shut Down
5. Killer Inside
6. Raptor
7. Hell Ain’t A Bad Place
8. Born in the Fire
9. Rockin’ Train
10. Heavens of Rock
11. Running’ Like a Wolf
12. Thundergods

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