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Dååth: Album of the Year Contenders Issue “Deserving of the Grave” Video.

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Album of the year contenders DÅÅTH today reveal their latest video, “Deserving Of The Grave.” The track comes off the band’s latest full-length — and first new studio output in fourteen years — The Deceivers, out now on Metal Blade Records.

The Deceivers is at once a devastating reminder and giant leap forward that showcases the technical wizardry and brutal intensity that the Atlanta, Georgia-bred band is capable of. Band founder/guitarist Eyal Levi has overseen an overhaul of the lineup, though importantly DÅÅTH still features force-of-nature vocalist Sean Zatorsky, who has fronted the band since 2007. Together they are now joined by Kerim “Krimh” Lechner on drums, Jesse Zuretti on orchestration and guitar, Rafael Trujillo on lead guitar, and David Marvuglio on bass.

The Deceivers is monstrously heavy but beautifully orchestrated, blessed with melodies that will haunt anybody fortunate enough to hear it. The nine tracks were produced by Levi, with Andrew Wade doing vocal production, John Douglass engineering, Jens Bogren mixing, and Tony Lindgren mastering.

Guest guitar solos are contributed across numerous tracks by Jeff Loomis (NevermoreArch Enemy), Mark Holcomb (Periphery), Dean Lamb (Archspire), Per Nilsson, (Scar SymmetryMeshuggah), Spiro Dussias (Platonist), and Dan Sugarman (Ice Nine Kills), with renowned video game composer Mick Gordon (Doom Eternal) contributing sound design and synth to “Purified By Vengeance.”

Comments Zuretti, “‘Deserving Of The Grave’ was a track that started with music I came up with in my head whilst flying home from somewhere. I got home and immediately jotted down the idea and sent it to Eyal, which he turned it into an entire song. The funny thing is, Eyal gets my music brain so much that he pulled all of the Danny Elfman/Gothic-era influence out of a singular idea and made an entire epic come to life. And what’s even crazier is that Danny Elfman literally wrote the theme for Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989 the exact same way: on a plane. This track is everything Eyal and I love about dark and moody classical/cinematic music fused together with DAATH’s sound. The golden seal of the track is our friend Jeff Loomis ripping one of my favorite solos I’ve heard in more than a decade.

Notes Levi, “‘Deserving Of The Grave’ comes from a really dark place. The day it was conceived, Jesse was flying somewhere and got a strain of divine inspiration, wrote the initial idea on an airplane, and sent it to me. Simultaneously I was flying back home from witnessing the death of a loved one, and received this great idea in my email, while in a really bad mental state. Upon returning, I got to work immediately and what you’re hearing is what flowed out of that terrible place. I think it’s the darkest song on the album, and the vibe on it is real.

Besides that, this song has a special place in my heart because our old buddy Jeff Loomis graced us with one of the best guitar solos I’ve heard in my entire life. And it was a long time coming. Fun fact, but Jeff and DAATH almost worked together back before the hiatus. It came so close to happening and it was one of my biggest musical disappointments. All I can say is that it was worth the wait. His solo in this song is the stuff of legends.”

Adds Loomis, “I had a great time recording the solo for ‘Deserving Of The Grave’ for the new DÅÅTH album The Deceivers! Eyal came up with a very dark background that made things easy for me when it came to putting the paint on canvas for a fitting solo. Thanks again for letting me be a part of such a musical masterpiece.”

The Deceivers earned the #11 spot on Current Hard Music Albums chart upon its first week of release! Elsewhere, the record took the #14 position on the Top New Artists Albums chart, #39 on the Current Rock Albums chart, and more! See additional chart positions below.

USA – Billboard:
#11 Current Hard Music Albums
#14 Top New Artists Albums
#39 Current Rock Albums
#44 Independent Label Current Albums
#50 Current Digital Albums
#120 Current Albums

Canada – Billboard:
#15 Hard Music Albums
#59 Top Current Albums

DÅÅTH began their journey in 1999 and stayed busy for just over a decade before its 2011 hiatus. In that time, the band released four studio albums – Futility in 2004, The Hinderers in 2007, The Concealers in 2009, and their self-titled LP in 2010. Tours with SlayerNileCattle DecapitationDark FuneralCynicDragonforceGoatwhoreChimairaDying Fetus, and Devildriver followed. DÅÅTH also landed a coveted spot on Ozzfest playing before tens of thousands of fans in outdoor amphitheaters across the US, in addition to the infamous and long-running metal tour Summer Slaughter.

After twelve years on hiatus, DÅÅTH found their ideal new home at Metal Blade, signing to the label and wasting no time creating new music, cover songs (Death‘s “The Philosopher” and Morbid Angel‘s “Where the Slime Live“) and reissuing previous albums. The first new song from the revitalized DÅÅTH, “No Rest No End” (released ahead of the album in February 2023), features guest solos by Spiro Dussias and now-DÅÅTH member Trujillo, who impressed Levi so much while guesting on the track that he was invited to join the band.

…a modern metal record aimed squarely at connoisseurs and tech freaks, but it also has some huge tunes and barrels of charisma. What, as they say, is not to like?” — Blabbermouth

The Deceivers is destined to go down as a career highlight for Dååth, a jewel in their crown if ever there was one. It really is that good, simple as that.” — MetalSucks

…an epic and rhythmic prog album…” – Metal Injection

Each track is a labyrinth of complex rhythms and searing melodies, offering a rich auditory experience. The technical skill and compositional daring make it a standout in the metal community.” — Knotfest

…a furious comeback…” – Fuze

The Deceivers is an astonishingly magical time that shows the band’s core at the top of their game and their judgment to make their continued vision a reality more honed than before. This is a true diamond in the rough.” – Lambgoat

Many tracks are expanded enormously, with many orchestral elements and the necessary bombast, which sometimes makes DÅÅTH seem like a death metal version of Dimmu Borgir. The music is very tight and tasteful. And guest contributions from musicians from Periphery, Scar Symmetry and Archspire further contribute to the great variety on the record.” — Aardschok

The album provides an excellent return for the band that settles into their place in the metal landscape, as an impressive and logical next step in Levi’s creative vision given his classical pedigree. Fans of the band should rejoice as it will live up to expectations. There is an entire generation of young teenage metalheads who were not old enough for the band’s last album, so time will tell how this album sits with that demographic.” — No Clean Singing

This album proves to be an impressive logical step in the continuity of the band’s sound, paying respect to their past while looking forward.” – Ghost Cult

…a fully immersive experience that often represents the best of what modern progressive death metal can be.” — Sonic Perspectives

…a true final-form of where DÅÅTH wanted to take their sound. The sheer evolution and scale of the mix is astounding at some points… DÅÅTH delivered a beast of a record, and I know for sure will most likely make a lot of best of 2024 lists.” — This Day In Metal

The compositions are furious in their vigor and layered complexity. The time that has passed since the band’s last album has done nothing to diminish the abilities and ingenuity of their work.” – Flying Fiddlesticks

The Deceivers rips, and that is no lie. Welcome back, gents – please don’t leave us again.” – Devolution Magazine


Eyal Levi – guitar
Sean Z – vocals
Krimh – drums
Jesse Zuretti – orchestration, synth, guitar
Rafael Trujillo – lead guitar
David Marvuglio – bass

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