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Darkestrah “Nomad” Album Review by Luz Figueroa

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Darkestrah has marked their return to the folk metal forefront with “Nomad,” a compelling blend of black metal ferocity and enchanting Central Asian musical traditions. Emerging from a notable hiatus, with their last full-length endeavor released eight years ago, this new album represents not just a comeback but a significant evolution in their sound and artistic expression. “Nomad” unfolds as a musical journey, enriched by the depth of ancient Kyrgyz lore and a seamless fusion of intense metal elements with the mystique of traditional melodies.

At the core of “Nomad” lies Darkestrah‘s unwavering commitment to authenticity and innovation. The album’s compositions, such as the standout track “Quest For The Soul,” demonstrate a mastery of musical storytelling, weaving a tapestry of emotions that range from the depths of despair to the peaks of triumph. This narrative strength is bolstered by the use of historical epic poetry, adding layers of meaning that, while not universally understood, profoundly impact the listener’s experience.

Despite its roots in the black metal genre, “Nomad” transcends typical genre constraints, incorporating diverse elements that reflect the band’s unique cultural heritage and personal influences. The integration of Eastern melodies and instruments creates a sound that is both grandiose and intimate, offering a fresh perspective on what metal can encompass. Yet, the album doesn’t shy away from its metal foundations, delivering powerful, dense soundscapes that maintain a delicate balance between aggression and melody.

The production quality of “Nomad” deserves particular mention. It achieves a remarkable harmony between clarity and intensity, allowing each element—from the fervent vocals to the subtle nuances of traditional instruments—to shine. However, the album is not without its flaws. Certain segments, particularly in the vocal-dominated parts, seem to lack the same impact as the instrumental mastery displayed elsewhere. This minor inconsistency, though, hardly detracts from the overall experience.

Nomad” is a bold statement of Darkestrah‘s artistic vision and technical prowess. It’s a testament to the band’s dedication to their craft and their successful fusion of diverse musical elements. While not every track reaches the same monumental heights, the album as a whole stands as a significant addition to the folk metal genre and Darkestrah‘s discography. It’s a refreshing reminder of the creative potential within the metal scene, encouraging listeners to embrace both the familiar and the novel.

In conclusion, “Nomad” is an album that not only celebrates Darkestrah‘s return but also pushes the boundaries of their sound and the genre itself. It’s a vibrant, multifaceted work that demands attention and respect. While it may not achieve perfection, its ambition and execution are worthy of high praise.

Luz’s rating: 8.5/10


Tracklisting for Darkestrah’s Nomad

  1. Journey Through Blue Nothingness [2:12]
  2. Kök-Oy [8:00]
  3. Nomad [9:29]
  4. Destroyer of Obstacles [9:28]
  5. Quest for the Soul [9:43]
  6. The Dream of Kojojash [4:51]
  7. A Dream That Omens Death [1:45]


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