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DARKNESS Unleash New Video Single “Wake Up In Rage”.


On April 26, 2024, German thrashers DARKNESS will release their brand new studio offering, “Blood On Canvas”, via Massacre Records.

“Blood On Canvas” marks the band’s most ferocious album to date, the new DARKNESS songs seem to be more aggressive and heavier than anything else in the band’s discography to date! Following the previously-released, first album appetizer”Roots Of Resistance”, today, the Essen-based five-piece has premiered a music video for their latest single, the furious album opening track “Wake Up In Rage”!

Guitarist Arnd tells us about the song:

“”Wake Up In Rage” is a song about getting up and the morning. The idea comes from the morning itself and describes what goes through the lyricist’s mind before and during his first coffee. You could call him a morning grouch, but that doesn’t do it justice.

The alarm clock rings, you are woken from your sleep, have slept far too little once again and struggle out of bed with the prospect of having to spend most of the damn day dealing with some irrelevant shit. You meet people who get on your nerves with their penetrating good humor. You ask yourself why you don’t burn it all down and go back to bed.

“Wake Up In Rage” is a somewhat exaggerated but realistic depiction of what should happen before 12:00 AM. The song lets the listener participate in the dark thoughts during the beginning of the day. The morning is not the best time of the day, at least on weekdays, and it deserves this song.

The good news is: So far, no one has been seriously harmed in the morning.”

Although it’s not a concept album, “Blood On Canvas” is not a mere collection of nine songs created in one period, but a multi-faceted sound painting, painted with the colors of wrath. While the album recordings had already begun in mid-October 2023, DARKNESS and guitarist Meik parted ways during the production process, meaning that “Blood On Canvas” was only recorded by the four band members Lee, Arnd, Ben and Lacky. Now, the band has welcomed a new member to their ranks: Guitarist Dominik Rothe!

Musically, DARKNESS deliver the uncompromising and fast thrash metal they have been known for since their debut album “Death Squad” in 1987. However, the compositions on their forthcoming album are more complex and detailed than usual, without losing any of the aggression, heaviness and authenticity.

The nine songs were produced at Rambado Recording Studios in collaboration with Cornelius “Corny” Rambadt, with whom the previous albums “First Class Violence” and “Over And Out” were produced. For “Blood On Canvas”DARKNESS and producer Corny set out to create an aggressive and powerful, but also honest sound. The cover artwork was once again created by Timon Kokott, with whom DARKNESS are collaborating for the third time.



  1. Wake Up In A Rage
  2. A Couple Of Kills
  3. Night In Turmoil
  4. Human Flesh Wasted
  5. This And My Heart Beside
  6. Truth Is A Whore
  7. Defcon Four
  8. Roots Of Resistance
  9. Blood On Canvas

“Blood On Canvas” will be available in the following formats:

  • CD Digipak
  • Ltd. Vinyl LP
  • Ltd. Box Set (content: CD Digipak, flag, patch, signed autograph card)
    LP Colors: black, blue, clear (+ available via the band only: red)

Lee – Vocals
Arnd – Guitar
Dominik – Guitar
Ben – Bass
Lacky – Drums

26.04.2024 DE Oberhausen – Kulttempel
03.-04.05.2024 DE Andernach – JUZ Live Club
30.05.-01.06.2024 DE Büßfeld – M:O:A – M.I.S.E. Open Air
29.08.2024 US Madison, WI – Blade Of Steel Metalfest
31.08.2024 US New York, NY – Rage Of Armageddon Festival
12.10.2024 DE Augsburg – Augsbangers Metal Meeting
09.11.2024 DE Berlin – Astra.

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