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Darko “Greyscale” Album review by Antoine Karam

DARKO Band Members

DARKO, the UK’s vibrant punk maestros, have once again catapulted themselves into the limelight with their latest endeavor, Greyscale. This release not only cements their place in the punk scene but also showcases their perpetual evolution and willingness to push boundaries.

The EP kicks off with ‘What I Cannot Be’, a track that immediately sets the tone with its high-octane and a fusion of screams and melodies that hook the listener from the first note. The synergy of Rob Piper and Chris Brown on guitars, alongside the dynamic rhythm section of Karl Sursham (Bass) and Andy Borg (Drums), provides a robust foundation for Tom West‘s versatile vocal delivery.

As the EP progresses, tracks like ‘Built On Broken Backs’ demonstrate DARKO‘s ability to blend technical guitar work with emotionally charged lyrics, striking a balance between aggression and melody. This track, in particular, reflects a politically aware narrative that is both relevant and poignant.

‘Aggro’ stands out as a testament to the band’s creative risks, incorporating elements of thrash and blackened chords that complement the established punk rock vibe. The unexpected twists in this song exemplify how DARKO refuses to be pigeonholed, ensuring a listening experience that is fresh and unpredictable.

The EP’s journey through intense tracks does not waver until the very end, with a brief pause in ‘AUX II’ that leads into the playful beginnings of ‘Lowest Hanging Fruit’. This final track encapsulates the essence of Greyscale, with intricate guitars and a versatile rhythm section that propel the lyrics forward, embodying the band’s creative resurgence.

Greyscale is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a narrative arc that blends the frustrations and colors of modern life into a cohesive story of resilience and self-reflection. The inclusion of stunning album art by Helena Smyth adds another layer of depth, connecting the auditory experience with visual storytelling.

In terms of critique, while the EP barrels forward with relentless energy, it leaves one craving even more of the experimental diversions showcased in tracks like ‘Aggro’. This speaks to DARKO‘s ability to expand their sound in exciting directions, hinting at untapped potential awaiting in future releases.

Rating this album is no small task, considering its significance not just as music but as an artistic statement. Reflecting on the blend of fierce punk energy, technical prowess, and thematic depth, Greyscale earns a deserved 9 out of 10. It’s clear that DARKO is not just revisiting their roots but reinventing them, promising an even more vibrant future for themselves and their fans.

DARKO Album Covers

Track Listing: 

1. What I Cannot Be
2. Built on Broken Backs
3. Aggro
5. Lowest Hanging Fruit

Band Members:
Tom West – Vocals
Rob Piper – Guitars
Chris Brown – Guitars
Karl Sursham – Bass
Andy Borg – Drums

Social Media Links:
Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || YouTube || TikTok

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