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Dead Harrison “None for All” Album Review by Jorge Pozo

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DEAD HARRISON‘s latest release, None For All, is an atmospheric journey into the heart of darkness, with a soundscape that artfully combines elements of doom, gothic, and punk rock. The album masterfully layers Drae the Undead‘s evocative vocals over the sinister guitar work of Shawn the Dead and the deep, pulsating bass lines provided by Jason Skulls. The relentless drumming from Thraxx sets a powerful backdrop, pushing the boundaries of metal and rock in ten compelling tracks.

The album cleverly balances the heavy, doom-laden sounds with unexpected shifts in genre and tone, creating a rich, dynamic listening experience. Tracks like “Beach Zombies” showcase the band’s ability to intertwine the macabre with the whimsical, presenting a light-hearted take on the zombie apocalypse that provides a refreshing break from the album’s otherwise intense atmosphere.

However, None For All is not without its pitfalls. The opening track, positioned as an intro, struggles to define its place within the album’s overall narrative. While intended to set the stage for what follows, it ultimately feels disconnected from the subsequent journey. In contrast, tracks like “Monolith Lord” and “Hurricane Hell” do an admirable job of drawing listeners into DEAD HARRISON‘s apocalyptic visions, blending traditional metal influences with a touch of the experimental.

The album’s experimentation with genres—dipping into country rock influences on “Terror Grinder” and echoing the despair of Black Metal in “Doom Train”—demonstrates the band’s musical versatility. Yet, this broad approach at times leads to a lack of cohesion across the album. The inclusion of “Francis Forever”, a cover with disconnecting thematic elements, further exemplifies this inconsistency.

Despite these critiques, None For All stands as a testament to DEAD HARRISON‘s musical prowess and their ability to invoke a complex emotional landscape through sound. The album’s strengths lie in its daring compositional choices and the adept skills of its members, making for a listening experience that is both challenging and rewarding.

Artistically, None For All is a profound exploration of dark themes, executed with technical competence and a clear passion for innovation within the genre. It’s an album that may require multiple listens to fully appreciate its depth and musical craftsmanship.

Rating: 7.5/10

As the band continues to evolve, one might wonder how DEAD HARRISON will balance their diverse influences in future projects. Will they delve deeper into the experimental, or refine their focus to hone a more cohesive sound?

Dead Harrison album

None For All 0:42
Monolith Lord 7:09
Hurricane Hell 5:17
Terror Grinder 5:37
Shadow Prism 8:12
Doom Train 7:49
Beach Zombies 4:31
Dogs Baking Dogs 0:24
Gods Making Gods 4:48
Francis Forever 3:55

Drae the Undead aka Andre Dumont, Lead vocals and rhythm guitar.
Shawn the Dead  aka Shawn Dube, lead guitar, second vocalist.
Jason Skulls aka Jason Freitas, bass, third vocalist.
Thraxx aka Axile Beighley, drums.


All songs written and performed by DEAD HARRISON except “Francis Forever”.
“Francis Forever” performed by DEAD HARRISON. Written by MITSKI, this is the 4th track on Bury Me at Makeout Creek
Published by Wc Music Corp.
Recorded, mixed, and Mastered by Eric Sauter at Blackheart Sound Studio, Manchester, New Hampshire.


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