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Death Metal Trio SUFFER To Release “Grand Canvas of the Aesthete”

Death Metal trio Suffer will release new album Grand Canvas of the Aesthete on CD, vinyl, and digital formats on March 29 via Wise Blood Records.

Back in 1989, Suffer formed at the dawn of death metal’s Midwestern rise. Teenagers at the time, they were one of the first extreme metal bands in South Dakota. In December, they closed 2023 with their first new music in eight years. Mere months later, they chase their Gristle, Bruised Spots & Trimmed Fat EP with a brutal and brilliant comeback record, Grand Canvas of the Aesthete.

“This new material is absolute proof that you don’t have to “age out” of Death Metal,” comments vocalist/guitarist C.R. Petit. “Suffer was formed in 1989, and 2024 will mark 35 years for us. There is no doubt that this album is the absolute best material we have done together.”

“This is the first Suffer material that was not written by hashing things out in a rehearsal room as a group,” Petit adds. “There was far more scrutiny in riff, structure and transition as well as lyrics and production. We didn’t settle for what was close. We all wanted this to surpass everything we have done in the past.”

Suffer’s collision of elevated gore and old school brutality will appeal to fans of Carcass, AsphyxExhumed, and Undeath. C.R. Petit and bassist Jason Ellsworth are also both members of Angerot (Redefining Darkness Records) as well as Empty Throne (Wise Blood Records). After releasing outstanding music from both of those bands the last few years, new music from Suffer was hopeful, but never guaranteed.

“To be honest, I really didn’t think we would [release another album],” Petit admits. “Most of us have moved on with other bands and projects, family and careers. But, there is something incredibly special to each of us when it comes to Suffer. Something that makes it nearly impossible to just walk away from.”

“Initially, it was preconceived that this was the swan song,” Petit reveals. “We wanted to have one last chance to make a Suffer album that sounded the way every Suffer recording should have sounded. But, this entire process has been absolutely fantastic and I am not sure that we could simply walk away. I am pretty sure that we all have more Suffer in the tank.”

FFO: Carcass, Asphyx, Undeath, Immolation, and Exhumed.

SUFFER Album Cover

Track Listing:

  1. Grand Canvas Of The Aesthete
  2. Ashened Frolic; The Exquisite Promenade
  3. Plentiful • Copious • Bountiful
  4. Inhalent Caustic Foray
  5. The Fetching Cranley Gardens
  6. Carnal Flesh Parade
  7. Pernicious Precarious Mess
  8. Human Primal Cuts

Suffer is:
C.R. Petit – Vocals & Guitar
Justin Aeschliman – Guitar
Jason Ellsworth – Bass0
Daron Petit – Lead Guitar
Rene Gerbrandij – Drums

More Info:

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