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Death Mettalers Asinhell Share “Desert of Doom”

For over two decades, Michael Poulsen, the vocalist and guitarist, has been leading the charge for Danish rock and roll powerhouse Volbeat. During this time, the band has released eight full-length albums, achieved millions in album sales, and rocked stadiums across the globe. However, before taking the helm of Volbeat, Poulsen had founded the death metal outfit Dominus, which churned out four ferocious albums in the mid-’90s.

While working on songs for Volbeat’s 2021 album, “Servant of the Mind,” Poulsen found himself crafting a collection of death metal riffs, which he promptly saved on his phone. Once he had completed his work with Volbeat, he revisited these stored riffs, unlocking the gates to a sonic apocalypse. This led to the creation of his new death metal project, Asinhell, and their debut album “Impii Hora” (a Latin phrase meaning “Ungodly Hour“). This album serves as a homage to the classic bands that inspired Poulsen and played a pivotal role in his musical journey.

Desert of Doom‘ was inspired by Bolt Thrower, Death, Entombed, and Motörhead. Bang your head ’til it doesn’t bang no more!,” says Poulsen.

Poulsen has rekindled the death metal fire that fueled his first band Dominus,” as he embarked on a journey to reignite his musical roots. He commenced jamming on riffs alongside his long-time friend and neighbor, drummer Morten Toft Hansen (Raunchy). Their jam sessions unfolded within Morten’s modest garage, where there were no microphones or P.A. systems—just a drum kit and a combo amp cranked up to the max, reminiscent of their teenage days. In no time, they found themselves crafting a new song each time they joined forces.

When the need for vocals arose, Poulsen turned to a close friend who also happened to be one of his all-time favorite death metal growlers: Marc Grewe (Insidious Disease, ex-Morgoth). Grewe recalls, “I had known Michael quite a long time, and he always mentioned that we should do a death metal project one day, but I never took him too seriously because he was so busy with Volbeat.” However, that changed when Poulsen made the call to make it a reality. Grewe enthusiastically responded, “Then he called for real and said, ‘Yeah, I want to do it now. Are you up for it?’ Immediately, I was like, ‘Yes, of course!'”

With Asinhell now a fully formed entity, the trio collaborated with Volbeat‘s producer, Jacob Hansen, to oversee the production, mixing, and bass duties for their debut album. When the time came to infuse the album with lead guitar prowess, Michael found the perfect fit in his friend and The Arcane Order‘s axeman, Flemming C. Lund.

The album will be available in the following formats:
• Jewel case CD
• 180g Black Vinyl (Europe excl.)
• Crimson Red Marbled Vinyl (Europe excl.)
• White Vinyl (Europe excl., ltd. 1000)
• Gold/Black Dust (EMP excl., ltd.300)
• Clear w/ Red/White Splatter Vinyl (Europe Band store excl., ltd. 500)
• Silver Vinyl (US excl.)
• Silver w/ Red Splatter Vinyl (US. excl.)
• Black & White Melt Vinyl (US excl.)
• Red/Black Splatter Vinyl (US Band store excl., ltd. 500)

Asinhell bundle

Impii Hora will be released September 29 via Metal Blade. Pre-order it here.

Asinhell album artwork

01. Fall of the Loyal Warrior
02. Inner Sancticide
03. Island of Dead Men
04. Trophies
05. The Ultimate Sin
06. Wolfpack Laws
07. Desert of Doom
08. Pyromantic Scryer
09. Impii Hora
10. Føj for Helvede

Michael Poulsen: Guitar
Marc Grewe: Vocals
Morten Toft Hansen: Drums


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