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DEFECT DESIGNER ft. DISKORD member unveil new song 


Defect Designer are doing something refreshing in the death metal world and that alone warrants attention. The fact that they’re an experienced band with several releases under their belt and have at least a member in common with the mighty Diskord proves that they’ve got the chops to pull it off too. Of course, listening to it for yourself works too. It’s probably best to check out the latest song that was premiered by No Clean Singing recently. Here’s an excerpt from it – 

“There’s no good way of guessing how this song unfolds. The tempos and moods switch in unexpected ways, and so do the manifold instrumental maneuvers that occur across the channels.”

Norwegian death metal band Defect Designer have taken things to another level with their hugely anticipated new full length album. It comes on the heels of their well-received EP release where they showcased their skills most recently, playing in their own trademark weird style with a sense of vibrancy that was unmatched. The grind urgency has since been supplanted with more of a thrashy influence and sees the death metal part of their sound getting more pronounced along with their innate, irrepressible flair for progressive experimentation. The music is just as wild, imaginative and colourful as you would expect from them, and much like their Ian Miller artwork, it has mind-boggling intricate details. Each song seems to offer something unique to the release, even adding a dimension or two in some cases, and despite all the infinite intricacies, there’s a sense of rhythmic catchiness and cohesiveness. In simple words, this is a refreshing death metal record of the kind that you don’t get too often. It has an unhinged, free-spirited quality to it which is impossible to recreate and the sheer delight derived in creatively putting together this record is palpable, nay, infectious, to say the least. Suitably challenging and outrageously boisterous, ‘Chitin’ will set your head on fire while putting a smile on your face.


Track listing:
1. Uglification Spell 
2. To Ziggurat 
3. Simulacrum 
4. We Will Need Your Chitin 
5. We Prescribe 
6. Certainty After The Kafkaesque Twist 
7. Gaudy Colors From Your Plastic Bag 
8. Shine Shine 
9. Story Of A Styrofoam 
10. Insomnia 
11. Nu, Pogodi! 
12. Orgone Accumulator

Official release date – March 14th, 2024

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