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DELVING: new album and “Zodiak” single announced.

Delving Band Members

DELVING (feat. Nick DiSalvo of Elder) to release new album “All Paths Diverge” on August 23rd via Stickman Records and Blues Funeral Recordings; first video and single “Zodiak” available.

Delving, the instrumental psych-kraut-prog rock project headed by Nick DiSalvo (best known as frontman of Elder) reveals all details about its forthcoming sophomore studio album today. “All Paths Diverge” will be issued on August 23rd via Stickman Records (Europe) and Blues Funeral Recordings (USA), with preorders and the first single “Zodiak” available now!

“All Paths Diverge has many faces and facets, and Zodiak shows some of the most progressive and heavy sides of the record.”DiSalvo comments. “Note that this is only an abridged version and the full album version contains minutes more of ambiance! I probably worked on Zodiak for a few years off and on and I think each part of the track reflects a moment in time, a portion of the year, a segment of the zodiac.”

After a decade and a half as frontman of the seminal progressive psychedelic quartet Elder, DiSalvo founded delving as a secondary outlet to express musical ideas that didn’t fit in the paradigm of his main band. Exploring instrumental music with a heavy focus on psychedelic rock, krautrock, early electronic music as well as ambient sounds, delving still showcases the evocative melodies and unique songwriting which are his trademarks. 

The debut album “Hirschbrunnen” was recorded in the pandemic years when touring was brought to a grinding halt, allowing time to finally pick up song fragments and ideas collected over the years and coalesce them into an album. Positive reception led to the foundation of a live band, which has crystalized in the lineup of Nick DiSalvo, guitarist Michael Risberg (Elder, Weite), bassist Ingwer Boysen (Weite, High Fighter) and drummer Uno Bruniusson (Maggot Heart, ex-Death Alley).

Unlike its pandemic predecessor, delving’s second full-length “All Paths Diverge” was composed in between time on tour and in studio with Elder. Culled once more from an ever-expanding songbook of ideas, the album’s seven lengthy tracks are a snapshot of DiSalvo’s current musical interests and love of sound exploration and remain evasive of genre confines. Intended as a subtle rebuff of the old adage “all roads lead to Rome”, the album title “All Paths Diverge” asserts that change is inevitable and nothing is set in stone. 

DiSalvo adds: “While looking back on the songs I wrote for this record over the past years, I was struck by how much has changed in my life and in the world since the first delving album came about in the height of the pandemic. This music is for me nostalgic and every part in each song brings back a memory of where I was at when writing it. I think it’s a very diverse album and that in itself a reflection of the fact that we’re all in flux, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

The album will be issued in 2xLP vinyl (LTD Marbled Edition and Cream White Edition) via Stickman Records (Europe) and 2xLP vinyl (LTD Sunburst Edition and Turquoise Sky Edition) via Blues Funeral Recordings (North America), as well as on CD and digital formats, with all preorders available below! 

Delving Album Cover
Delving Album Cover

1. Sentinel
2. Omnipresence
3. Chain Of Mind
4. New Meridian
5. Zodiak
6. The Ascetic
7. Vanish With Grace

While delving is in essence a solo studio project from multi-instrumentalist DiSalvo, his music takes flight in rare live performances thanks to the stellar live band. In support of the upcoming record release, delving have announced a series of live dates for the fall and winter of 2024, including a much-awaited appearance at Desertfest Antwerp. Joining delving on tour are the equally genre-bending psychedelic beast of Iron Jinn from Amsterdam; tickets are now on sale:

Upcoming fall & winter shows:
19.10 –  Antwerp, BE – Desertfest Belgium
20.11 – Hamburg, DE – Hafenklang
21.11 – Leuven, BE – SoJo 
23.11 – London, UK – Oslo
24.11 – Brighton, UK – Green Door Store
25.11 – Paris, FR – La Boule Noire
26.11 – Nijmegen, NL – Doornroosje
27.11 – Bochum, DE – Die Trompete
28.11 – Siegen, DE – Vortex Surfer
29.11 – Leipzig, DE – Noel’s Ballroom
30.11 – Berlin, DE – Neue Zukunft
01.12 – Warsaw, PL – Voodoo
03.12 – Brno, CZ – Kabinet MUZ
04.12 – Vienna, AT – Arena
05.12 – Innsbruck, AT – PMK
06.12 – Munich, DE – Feierwerk 


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