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DESERTS OF MARS Reveal New Single “Shilluminati”.

DESERTS OF MARS Band members

Heavily inspired by sci-fi and Tabletop RPGs, DESERTS OF MARS deliver a dynamic sonic mixture of stoner rock, grunge, metal, and doom/industrial. The new single “Shilluminati” is out now, and lands ahead of the forthcoming album Dead Planet Exodus to be released later this year.

The band comments on “Shilluminati”: “Breaking from the concept album narrative, we wanted to return to a more doomy/industrial sound. Morgan came up with this name as we labeled riffs for future reference, and it became a spiritual successor to ‘Your Altars’ from our previous EP, Return from the Void. The song explores the ultra-rich and powerful’s blatant hubris and how they no longer hide their greed and corruption, as well as my struggle with my complacency within the system. This has hit even harder since we recorded it, as thousands of people are being laid off and profits soar. They hoard their wealth, and we are told to be angry that prices are higher by the same people who raise them and cackle at the chaos, selling us a dream we might never attain.

Austin, Texas, based DESERTS OF MARS was formed in 2006 by band leader and founder Tony Salvaggio. Salvaggio explains the ideology behind the band: “I came up with the name Deserts of Mars because I wanted to evoke the Desert Rock vibe. However, it also has a sci-fi slant; it can mean the God of War, so it has ties to mythology. I love letting the listener/viewer decide what it means to them.”

Salvaggio continues, “[DESERTS OF MARS runs off of] a steady diet of sci-fi movies, novels, manga, animation, RPGS, and metal fuels me and bleeds into the rest of the band. I’ve been a nerd first and a metalhead for a very long time, and I’ve never grown out of that quest for the next fun thing to watch/read/listen to half a century into life. I feel like if I lose that sense of wonder, it’s over. Always be learning/listening/creating.”


Track Listing: 
1. Crashdown 
2. Temple of the Rain 
3. Shilluminati
4. Dead Planet
5. Darkness
6. Midnight Comes
7. Never
8. Temporal Vampires
9. Crimson Mountain
10. The Fallen

Tony Salvaggio – Bass, Vocals
Morgan Faber – Drums
Kotah Mack – Guitar (2024) 

Dead Planet Exodus Guests:
Bradley Barnes – Guitar ((OG riffs on “Crashdown”, “Temple of the Rain”)
Jeff Henson – Rhythm and Lead Guitar Wizardry
Jeff Klein – Interstellar Rhythm and Lead Guitar

Dead Planet Exodus Art Credits:
Cover Art – Sana Freeman
Interior Art – Rolf Mohr
Additional Art – Joshua Dartez Art
Band Promo Photos – Erik Bredthauer – NecroBlanca Photography


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