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Desolated Release New Single And Video For ‘VICTIM’ (Featuring. D Bloc)

DESOLATED Photo Credit Des Maddocks

Hardcore outfit DESOLATED have released a music video for their new single ‘Victim’, tackling the soul-suckers and energy-vampires we all know and loathe. Featuring a guest appearance from D BLOC‘s Camden Good, streaming now via MLVLTD.

Watch the video for ‘Victim (Ft. D Bloc)’ 

On the new single, the band comment:
“‘Victim’ is a song grounded in reality from personal experience. It addresses the certain behaviour of that character we have all encountered one too many times in life. ‘Victim’ serves as an outburst of the frustration caused in reaching out to help someone and your hand is repeatedly slapped away. Its a call out to those individuals who thrive from wallowing in self-pity, blaming the world instead of their own destructive prophecy that put them there in the first place. Sometimes bridges must burn to find peace. Weve all had people around us that just take and take – they drain the life out of you to feed their own relentless misery no matter how much you offer. This one goes out to them. The music video for this single has even been filmed and edited solely by Richy himself.”


Founded in Southampton 2007, DESOLATED are currently scattered around the country from Sheffield through London and now based mainly in South of the UK. Over the years they’ve had a revolving door of band members, with the two original founding members still being vocalist Paul Williams and guitarist Richy Unsworth. Since reforming in 2019 after a three year hiatus, they were joined by Charlie Thorpeof Malevolence on drums, Tony Evans (Idle Hands) on bass and Les Law of several various London based hardcore bands (Bun Dem Out / Fifty Calibre) also on guitar. 

Their affiliation with MLVLTD as a label was, from the start, over a decade ago, where Malevolence and DESOLATED became “Malevolated” (which was always the intended pronunciation yet still often confused to this day). Both bands used to play together every other weekend for years, most often at The Well in Leeds between 2010-2014 in prime Ghostfest era. Charlie co-runs the label and is also a full time member on drums, co-writing the new music and managing the band alongside Richy which gives them full creative control of the entire album process (how they like it), albeit still completely DIY, but now a little more established. The music video for this single has even been filmed and edited solely by Richy himself.

In their writing the outfit aimed to pick up where they left off with the 2016 album The End, which has had a resurgence over the last couple of years, thanks to the new wave of life across the whole sub genre and momentum of new and exciting bands coming through. With the new album in its final stages, the band have taken The End and it’s greatest elements and produced another hard hitting, long standing record while seeing what fresh ideas their latest line up of members would bring to the table. With this new release they revisit their roots of Biohazard, Life of Agony, Irate, Billy Club Sandwich, Shattered Realm and old school New York hardcore influence in general, combined with their own heavy modern flavour, as well as taking inspiration from the new bands that have recently taken over in terms of ignorant heavy hardcore, of which DESOLATED’s latest inspiration also stems from. 

Being fans of each other’s work resulted in the band reaching out to D BLOC from Detroit to see if vocalist Camden Good wanted to shell a verse on ‘Victim’. Having already had it written and ready to go, Camden quickly delivered. Despite taking their sweet time on this new music, DESOLATED still deliver on the live front by still getting out and doing what they love: playing wild shows. Rest assured it’s still the same DESOLATED you know, but heavier, more aggressive and catchy as ever. New album coming 2024.

Desolated Victim album cover

Band Members:
Paul Williams – vocals
Richy Unsworth – guitars
Les Law – guitars
Tony Evans – bass
Charlie Thorpe – drums

Social Media Links:
Facebook || Instagram || Twitter

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