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Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess – “Every Keyboardist Should Know About the Osmose Keyboard”

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Jordan Rudess, keyboardist for Dream Theater, has released a new video from his home studio in which he praises the Osmose keyboard, calling it “a beautiful instrument that every keyboardist should know about.”

Dream Theater recently checked in with the following update:

“Originally released back in 2003 on Ytsejam Records, The Making of Scenes From a Memory – The Sessions gives a glimpse at the making of what would go on to become a landmark album for us in 1999. This release contains the original tracks from the writing of Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory, including alternate takes and rehearsals. Available on a variety of formats from October 6th, 2023. Pre-order now here.”



“Regression” – Outtakes 
“Overture 1928” – Live Alternate Take 
“Strange Deja Vu” – Basic Tracks 
“Fatal Tragedy” – Basic Tracks
“Beyond This Life” – Basic Tracks 
“Through Her Eyes” – Alternate Take 
“Home” – Writing Sessions 
“Home” – Rehearsal 
“The Dance of Eternity” – Rehearsal 
“The Dance of Eternity” – Writing Sessions 
“The Spirit Carries On” – Rehearsal 
“The Spirit Carries On” – Choir Session Outtakes 
“The Spirit Carries On” – John Petrucci Vocal Demo 
“Finally Free” – Alternate Vocals and Outro 
“Finally Free” – Original Sequencer Demo 

The Alternate Mixes:
“Opening Scene” (Instrumental)
“Overture 1928” (Instrumental)
“Strange Deja-Vu”
“Through My Words” 
“Fatal Tragedy”
“Beyond This Life”
“Through Her Eyes” 
“The Dance of Eternity” 
“One Last Time”
“The Spirit Carries On” 
“Finally Free”

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