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Drift Into Black announce New Album Voices Beneath the Rubble.

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The fifth full-length album, “Voices Beneath the Rubble,” by the Jersey-based Doom project Drift Into Black is set for release on June 28th. This highly anticipated album follows the band’s latest release in 2022, “Earthtorn.”
After two years dedicated to writing and recording, the band is ready to unveil their eagerly awaited creation, “Voices Beneath the Rubble.”
This monumental offering serves as a concept album, showcasing the band’s evolution as musicians and storytellers. With “Voices Beneath the Rubble,” Drift Into Black delivers a sonic journey that traverses a range of emotions.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, and Amorphis, Drift Into Black’s sound is a fusion of gothic doom, traditional heavy metal, and some progressive elements, all imbued with emotional depth. With “Voices Beneath the Rubble,” their upcoming release promises to be their most immersive album to date.

Drift Into Black Album Cover

Track list

1.The Horns of Despair
2.In Turmoil
3.The Great Machine
4.Voices Beneath the Rubble
5.Last Hope
6.Forever King
7.Blood Storm
8.What’s Left In The Fire
9.Turning Of The Tide

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