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Duft releases “Caved In” single.

Duft band

Duft has released “Caved In“, second single taken from the debut album “Altar Of Instant Gratification” to be released on May 17th by Scarlet Records.

The song’s lyrics tap into the anguish of witnessing someone weave a web of lies, stealing and manipulating for their own gains, while you attempt to sound the alarm only to be met with skepticism. When the facade finally shatters, and the destructive world of the deceiver comes crashing down, you feel a sense of triumph. It’s probably not a healthy feeling, but a great one nonetheless.

Altar Of Instant Gratification” showcases relentless musicianship amidst the calculated chaos of crushing metallic riffs, frantic tempos, punishing breakdowns and the lyrical rage of hardcore punk.

The main theme of the Reykjavik’s band is the ever present feeling that Planet Earth is falling to pieces: most people are too busy in childish pursuits of instant gratifications and avoiding pain to embrace the fact that the world has become a bleak hardcore place!

To strive in it, you must be willing to show courage, think critically for yourself and don’t buy into dogmatic truths – hold yourself accountable and stay true.

This ain’t no record for fainted hearts, indeed.

Duft album

“Altar Of Instant Gratification” tracklist:
1 Intro
2 Caved In
3 Dragged Across Concrete
4 Instant Gratification
5 Waste From Birth
6 Scarfaced Blues
7 Doctrine
8 20th Century Doom
9 Anomic Suicide
10 Open Casket
11 Only Dead Fish Follow The Stream

Alexander – vocals
Andrés – guitar
Gummi – guitar
Viktor – bass
Mikael – drums

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