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AARDVARK to present “Tough Love”, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Aardvark Band Members

Not to be confused with the cult ‘70s prog band, Australia’s AARDVARK are a classic heavy metal quartet hailing from Melbourne. Born from a desire to bring the masses together with the biting forces of power and honesty, AARDVARK aim to prove there is weight to sincerity and strength in vulnerability. The band’s twin-guitar attack keeps fists pumping with tough-yet-melodic riffs, while their thunderous rhythm section drives the tank forward with unyielding brawn.

Formed in 2021, AARDVARK burst onto the Australian heavy metal scene seemingly out of nowhere with an increasingly packed weekly residency at the iconic Tote Hotel in August 2023, followed quickly by a sold-out launch show for their debut 7” single. The AARDVARK hasn’t slowed down since, with a blistering run of local shows and upcoming supports in 2024 for Cirith Ungol and Riot City.

Now that tank is ready to plow down the gates with the debut album Tough Love. With its cover art encapsulating all their central themes, Tough Love proves the full potential of AARDVARK and that the band is good on their word. With nine tracks clocking in at 44 minutes, Tough Love is a compendium of songs that present a tough, masculine vulnerability, a mixture of personal anthems and mythical journeys that offer a pertinent contrast of escapism and self-reflection. With a sound somewhere between NWOBHM and traditional heavy metal, Tough Love aims to impact with a mix of mid-tempo rockers, poignant ballads, and attacking speed.

Reverential to the past but by no means blinkered by it, AARDVARK inject their own personality and panache into 1983-vintage heavy metal: moody, melodic, dynamic, and dashing. If Conan the Barbarian could shed a tear, he’d do it listening to Tough Love!

Aardvark Album Covers


1 Ankh
2 Tough Love
3 Don’t Call Me A Liar
4 Fire
5 Destructor
6 Fight Back
7 Killer
8 The Dream Is Nearly Over
9 Too Old To Cry

Ed Vaark — lead vocals & guitar
Sorcha Wilcox — guitar
Danny Smith — bass guitar
Dylan Lieberman — drums

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