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ENDLESS LOSS: premiere “Grave Subjugation” single, debut album “Traversing the Mephitic Artery”


Australia’s ENDLESS LOSS are set to release their debut album “Traversing the Mephitic Artery” in CD (digisleeve limited to 400 hand-numbered copies) and tape format on March 25th 2024 via Nuclear Winter Records.

Today, Black Metal Daily is hosting an exclusive premiere of the album track “Grave Subjugation”

Bestial black/death two-piece ENDLESS LOSS has earned a strong underground reputation for their vicious releases and savage live shows. The band was born in 2015 in the bleak industrial wasteland of Adelaide, Australia.
The pair released their first tape “Solitary Starless Beast” in 2016, with Decibel Magazine praising the raw-sounding demo for its “charred black and bestial spirit.”
The outfit followed this up in 2022 by heading further into war metal territory with their EP “Bloodletting Narcotic Divination”No Clean Singing celebrated the release for being “brutally bludgeoning and psychotically violent”.
From there, ENDLESS LOSS toured doggedly across Australia and joined other Adelaide metal heavyweights Charnel Altar for the co-headlined Metaphysical Warfare Tour in early 2023.
The band recorded nine tracks in the chaotic days leading up to the tour. These songs, which strike hard with poisonous, hypnotic riffs and sharply aimed violence, are to be released on ENDLESS LOSS‘ debut, full-length album “Traversing the Mephitic Artery”. Expect 28 minutes of barbaric bloodshed.

For fans of: Profanatica, Teitanblood, Triumvir Foul, Demoncy


Oppugned Sentience (Intro)
Nexus Webs Of Malefic Prescience
Vertiginous Depths Of Unchained Hedonism
Grave Subjugation
Looming Ire
Mouldering Resurrection
Traversing The Mephitic Artery
Sepulchre Of Violent Consummation
Impenitent Draconian Triumph


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