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Eradikated: Unleashing “Descendants” – A Modern Thrash Metal Epos on October 6th


Eradikated, the young Swedish thrash metal sensation, is set to conquer the metal world with their highly anticipated debut album, “Descendants,” releasing on October 6th. After a series of successful singles and remarkable live performances, Eradikated is ready to deliver a sonic assault that explores a dark and dystopian tale of climate change, human greed, rebellion, and hope.

“Descendants” is not your typical collection of singles but a cohesive concept album comprising 11 diverse tracks of fast, heavy, and technical thrash metal, united by an overarching theme of aggression. Erland Östberg, a member of Eradikated, emphasized the album’s unity: “‘Descendants’ is to be enjoyed from start to finish. Preferably in one sitting. Then you’ll be able to grasp the album at the core and take in the atmosphere fully. It’s not a bunch of singles stuck together like much of today’s music. Rather, it’s a proper album like back in the day.”

The album, produced by Eradikated themselves, was recorded by the band’s guitarist, Ragnar Östberg, at his East Hill Audio studio, then meticulously mixed and mastered by the renowned Gustav Brunn at All In Audio.

“Descendants” tells a coherent dystopian story, with all lyrics penned by lead singer and guitarist Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia. The album is designed to be experienced in its entirety, with each track seamlessly blending into the next, creating a captivating narrative.

While Eradikated draws inspiration from the 80s Bay Area thrash scene, they are far from a retro act. They represent a young, raw, and uncompromising band ready to make their mark and serve as the voice of a new generation.

Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia explained the album’s theme: “Descendants is about an apocalyptic near future where climate disasters are ravaging humanity and greed has left everyone to fend for themselves. The lyrics tell a story of pain and suffering and of different forces who try to bring about a new world. It’s basically about a future I hope we can avoid.”

The Eradikated Journey: From The Generations Army to Thrash Metal Stardom

Eradikated’s journey began in 2015 when they formed as The Generations Army, releasing three independent albums and performing over 200 live shows. In September 2021, they rebranded as Eradikated while retaining the same lineup. Their debut gig as Eradikated took place on October 16, 2021, at Plan B in Malmö, alongside The Haunted.

Their relentless dedication and consistent performances paid off when they were invited to support the legendary Anvil on all the Nordic dates during their Impact Tour in 2022. Another pivotal moment came with their performance at by:Larm in Oslo in September 2022, a show that led to their signing with Indie Recordings.

Eradikated’s rise continued with the release of their first single, “Flames,” on March 2nd, 2023, via Indie Recordings. Accompanied by an intense video, the single quickly amassed over 40,000 views on YouTube within a month. They followed it up with “Faced” on May 24th, just in time for the festival season. Their electrifying opening performance at Sweden Rock Festival earned them critical acclaim, and they went on to rock stages at Gefle Metal Festival and Summer Breeze Open Air in Germany. Their journey continues as they embark on a Nordic tour, supporting the mighty Soilwork.

Eradikated is a force to be reckoned with in the modern thrash metal scene, and they are only getting started. Stay tuned for the release of “Descendants” on October 6th, as they usher in a new era of thrash metal excellence.

eradikated descedants album artwork


  1. Unleash 3:15
  2. Flood 2:39
  3. Drought 3:23
  4. Descendants 3:28
  5. Dead Heaven 4:45
  6. Hazardous 3:59
  7. Faced 3:23
  8. Flames 3:17
  9. Reckoning 4:53
  10. Blood-like Red 5:43
  11. Coffin 3:33

August 18 – Summer Breeze Open Air, Dinkelsbühl, Germany
September 23 – Karmøygeddon, Kopervik, Norway
October 12 – The Crypt, Linköping, Sweden (with Soilwork)
October 13 – Katalin, Uppsala, Sweden (with Soilwork)
October 14 – Northern Rock Fest, Umeå, Sweden
October 19 – VoxHall, Århus, Denmark (with Soilwork)
October 20 – The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden (with Soilwork)

Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Ragnar Östberg – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Erland Östberg – Bass & Vocals
Calle Frogner Moberg – Drums   

Martin Gustafsson – Republic 66

Linda M. Melsom – Indie Recordings

Martin Karlsson – Concerts Alive  

PR enquiries ROW
Robbe Madsen – [email protected]

Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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