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Eschalon release new single ‘Shallow’ Featuring Haydn Connolly (In Fear, Amber Palace)

UK tech-metalcore upstarts Eschalon have released their new single ‘Shallow’, along with a music video courtesy of Jake Ten. The song reflects on childhood trauma experienced by the band’s vocalist Brad Makinson, who was buried alive by his tormentor.

UK technical metalcore outfit Eschalon launched in late 2023 with their award-winning debut single ‘Helios‘, which saw the group achieve over 120,000 YouTube views and 45,000 Spotify streams worldwide. 

‘Shallow’, featuring Haydn Connolly (In FearAmber Palace), delves into the darker side of the band’s broad and unique take on metalcore. With equal measures of visceral brutality and breathtaking serenity, the track is a no-holds-barred sonic assault that effortlessly weaves between the calculated violence and ethereal beauty within Eschalon’s sound.

Vocalist Brad Makinson comments: “Embedded within the lyrics of ‘Shallow’ lies a deeply personal journey of survival. As a child, I endured an onslaught of physical, mental, and emotional torment inflicted by a bully. Paralysed by fear, I bore the weight of my anguish in silence, trapped in a cycle of isolation and despair. Even those closest to me remained unaware of the depths of my suffering, as I struggled to reconcile the betrayal of a “friend” turned tormentor.

“The most harrowing chapter of my story unfolded one day at a local playground, where my innocence was smothered and my childhood dreams turned to nightmares. At the age of ten, I found myself face to face with my own mortality as I was coerced into digging my own grave, only to be buried alive by my tormentor. Thankfully, there was a passerby who intervened, pulling me from the clutches of death and sparing me my early grave. ‘Shallow’ looks at the visceral aftermath of that traumatic event, a searing indictment of the scars it left me with and the festering loathing that consumed me in its wake.

“In the conceptual representation of this within the video, Max (vocals) takes on the role of the saviour, as he stands by my side in the video, battling the darkness and negativity. His presence embodies the power of companionship and support, illustrating how reaching out to a friend can be a lifeline in times of isolation and despair. Scenes within caves throughout the video echo the themes of loneliness, darkness, and isolation, mirroring the depths of anguish I’ve felt. Yet, amidst these caverns of despair, Max‘s presence as the saviour shines a beacon of hope, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, the help of a friend can guide us back to the light.

“This song serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of hope, friendship and reclaiming your narrative from the depths of despair.” 

Eschalon album
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