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Evergrey “Theories of Emptiness” Album Review by Jorge Pozo

evergrey say official video napa

EVERGREY, the vanguards of Swedish progressive metal from Gothenburg returns with their fourteenth studio endeavor, Theories of Emptiness, slated for release on June 7, 2024, via Napalm Records. With Tom S. Englund at the helm, alongside Henrik Danhage on guitar, Rikard Zander on keyboards, Jonas Ekdahl on drums, and Johan Niemann on bass, the band continues its journey, proving their musical prowess and inclination for innovation remains unabated.

What captures the essence of Theories of Emptiness is not just its lyrical depth or Englund‘s distinctive vocalization but the intricate layering of sound and emotion across the albums’ tracks. Beginning with “Falling From the Sun”, the album sets a high standard. The track not only serves as a bridge from their previous work but also introduces a matured sound that blends heavy riffing with melodic finesse. It’s a bold start that catches your attention immediately.

“Misfortune” and “To Become Someone Else” demonstrate the band’s ability to juxtapose the heaviness of life’s trials with the lightness of musical exploration. “Misfortune” captures this duality through its aggressive yet thoughtful instrumentation, while “To Become Someone Else” delves into the transformational angst with a darker tone and an ambiance that is both enveloping and introspective.

The emotive power of EVERGREY shines in “Ghost of My Hero”, a track where Englund‘s vocals seamlessly travel between hope and despair. The drawn-out piano notes anchor the song’s melancholic theme, providing a touchstone for reflection. Conversely, “We Are The North” erupts with an energy that is both foreboding and invigorating, showcasing the band’s ability to convey complex emotions through music.

Perhaps the album’s standout moment comes with “The Night Within”, a composition that invites listeners into a world teeming with melodies and nighttime mysteries. This track exemplifies the band’s craft in creating an immersive audio experience that is both familiar and novel.

Yet, despite the highs, Theories of Emptiness does exhibit moments where the innovation seems restrained. Tracks like “Our Way Through Silence” and “A Theory of Emptiness” offer a beautiful closure to the album with their introspective piano and vocal arrangements but leave one craving for a tad more complexity or a bolder departure from the norm.

Collaborations within the album, including Jonas Renkse‘s poignant addition to “Cold Dreams” and Salina Englund‘s backing vocals, enrich the sonic landscape, proving that EVERGREY‘s willingness to integrate new voices and perspectives pays off in creating a diverse auditory experience.

Theories of Emptiness traverses through themes of darkness, introspection, and innate human emotions with grace, employing a mix of heavy instrumentation, thoughtful lyrics, and evocative melodies. The production, handled by Englund and Ekdahl, with mixing by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood and mastering by Thomas ‘Plec’ Johansson, ensures that every detail, from the subtlest note to the grandest crescendo, is felt intensely.

While the album navigates familiar territories of melancholy and resilience, its execution exhibits a band still keen on exploring new musical landscapes. EVERGREY remains anchored in their core sound yet unafraid to push boundaries. Theories of Emptiness is a testament to their journey, offering both long-time fans and newcomers an intricate blend of progressive metal that is rich, nuanced, and emotionally resonant.

Rating: 8/10

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EVERGREY Album Cover


  1. Falling From the Sun
  2. Misfortune
  3. To Become Someone Else
  4. Say
  5. Ghost of My Hero
  6. We are the North
  7. One Heart
  8. The Night Within
  9. Cold Dreams
  10. Our Way Through Silence
  11. A Theory of Emptiness

Evergrey Lineup:
Tom S. Englund – Vocals, Guitars
Henrik Danhage – Guitars
Rikard Zander – Keys
Jonas Ekdahl – Drums
Johan Niemann – Bass

EVERGREY online:
Napalm Records 

Theories of Emptiness will be available in the following formats:
Deluxe Bag incl. 1CD Digisleeve, 1CD Cardboard Sleeve with 2 Bonus Tracks, Pendant, Patch Album Artwork, Sunglasses with band logo, Artprint DIY Puzzle, all packed in exclusive cotton bag – Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive (strictly limited to 400 copies worldwide)
1LP Die Hard Gatefold PURPLE/WHITE SPLATTER incl. 24pp booklet, record butler – Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive (strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide)
1LP Gatefold TRANSLUCENT – Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive (strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide)
1LP Gatefold BLACK
Digital Album

EVERGREY Live 2024:
Latin America Tour 2024
11.06.24 MX – Mexico City / Foro Veintiocho
13.06.24 CO – Bogota / Ace of Spades
14.06.24 PE – Lima / Teatro Kantaro
16.06.24 CL – Santiago / Club Chocolate
18.06.24 AR – Buenos Aires / El Teatrito
20.06.24 BR – Brasilia / Toinha
22.06.24 BR – Sao Paulo / Carioca Club
23.06.24 BR – Limeira / Mirage

Emptiness Over Scandinavia 
Support: Cyhra
12.09.24 SE – Göteborg / Pustervik
13.09.24 SE – Örebro / Frimis
14.09.24 SE – Stockholm / Naten
15.09.24 NO – Oslo / Parktreatret
17.09.24 DK – Köpenhamn / Pumpehuset
18.09.24 SE – Malmö / Babel
19.09.24 DK – Kolding / Godset
20.09.24 SE – Skövde / Valhall
21.09.24 SE – Helsingborg / The Tivoli
24.09.24 FI – Helsinki / Ääniwalli
25.09.24 FI – Tampere / Olympia
27.09.24 SE – Östersund / Rock Fest
28.09.24 SE – Lulea / Rockfest
30.09.24 SE – Eskilstuna / Lokomotivet
01.10.24 SE – Uppsala / Katalin
02.10.24 SE – Kristianstad / Bilijardkompaniet

Festivals 2024
08.08.24 UK – Catton Park, Derby / Bloodstock Open Air
17.08.24 RO – Caransebes / Gugulan Rock Open Air
31.08.24 GR – Rethymno, Island of Crete / Rethymno Rocks Open Air
02.11.24 NL – Podium Gigant, Apeldoorn / Brainstorm Open Air
07.11.24 CH – Sarnen / Urrock Musik Festival
22.-23.11.24 DE – Weissenhäuser Strand / Metal Hammer Paradise    

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