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EXHUMATION Release New Album “Master’s Personae”.

Yogyakarta/Indonesia based Death Metallers EXHUMATION have announced their fourth full-length, “Master’s Personae”.

The album will be released on April 26th 2024 via Pulverised Records on CD, LP and in digital formats. It was mixed by Bable Sagala at Watchtower Studio and mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering (Aura Noir, Darkthrone, Bastard Priest, Frozen Soul, etc). The cover artwork was created by José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal. Featuring guest appearances of Sindre Solem / Obliteration, S. Iblis / Possession, Shyaithan / Impiety, Sabbac / ZOM and Bable Sagala / Watchtower Studio. 

With a forlorn howl of a meandering beast, the entire record breathes an animosity between atmospheric solace and Death Metal carnage impassioned by a blaze of unending fire. “Master’s Personae” is enshrouded in a sublime traversal of musical perturbance but the megalithic depths which EXHUMATION possess is undoubtedly an immutable stare into the embodiment of supreme sordid verve of Metal of Death.



  1. In Death Vortex
  2. Pierce The Abyssheart
  3. Funereal Dreams
  4. Chaos Feasting
  5. The Martyr’s Lament
  6. Thine Inmost Curse
  7. Perilous Tongue
  8. Thy Mighty Locution
  9. Mahapralaya
  10. The Scenic Desolation

Bones – Vocals
Ghoul – Guitars

Album session musicians:
Sebek – Bass
J. Magus – Lead Guitar
A. Nokturnal – Drums

More Info:

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