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FABULAE DRAMATIS unveiled new single “Fábula Violenta”.


A chronicle of a childhood during war. A single that is part of the new upcoming album by Fabulae Dramatis entitled ‘Violenta’ and that is a chronicle of Isabel Restrepo’s childhood during the drug war in the 90s in Aranjuez, Medellín – Colombia.

It tells a story full of contrast about experiences between the childhood world that she tried to lead but yet having to face a harsher reality where she wanted to play with dolls and at the same time tried to protect herself from bullets.

The video clip for this single, which will soon be released, reveals a memory of that Colombian war scenario in which at one point she found a stray bullet on her pillow, making her realise the fact that she had just escaped death.

The songs on this new album, which will be released  on September 7, 2024, are full of personal, private and intimate experiences. This is what we felt was about time to do in order to reflect a more mature aspect of ourselves. A true, honest and at the same time cathartic musical process. In which we dare to present ourselves vulnerable in certain ways; simply as human beings and share our experiences with the public.

Fabulae Dramatis upcoming album  has been produced by Martín Furia
(Destruction & Bark) & Gustavo Adolfo Valderrama(Mixer / Live Engineering / FOH / Producer).

Fabulae Dramatis are:
Isabel Restrepo |voice
Daniel Díaz |guitar
Teo Dimitrov |drums
Marco Felix |bass

Discover “Fábula Violenta” 

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