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Finnish Band WHERE’S MY BIBLE Unveils Latest Single and Video “Fenrir”

Finnish purveyors of melodic death metal, Where’s My Bible, have recently dropped their latest single and accompanying music video titled “Fenrir.” This compelling track is a preview of the band’s forthcoming studio album, soon to be unleashed via Inverse Records.

You can check out “Fenrir” below:

Frontman Jussi Matilainen delves into the lyrical content, explaining, “The lyrics intricately weave elements of the human psyche with Nordic mythology as a metaphorical backdrop. In ‘Fenrir,’ we strive to breathe life into this narrative, employing a poetic style reminiscent of ancient storytelling traditions. The song narrates the tale of Fenrir, the wolf, devouring the sun, signifying the onset of Ragnarok—a cataclysmic event heralding a mythical apocalypse.”

Matilainen elaborates on the underlying theme, stating, “The core idea behind this narrative is to prompt reflection: What is your ‘Fenrir’? What formidable adversary threatens to dismantle your world? ‘Fenrir’ represents tangible, living challenges, often stemming from our own creations. These challenges can manifest as unresolved issues that persist, haunting us in the darkest hours of the night.”

Adding to the richness of the composition, Matilainen notes, “In this song, we’ve incorporated ancient instruments, including the kravik lyre, which was crafted by our own hands, and the tagelharpa, elevating the narrative with a palpable mythical essence.”

The overarching theme of the album revolves prominently around Nordic mythology and the human psyche, particularly in the nocturnal realm. Further exploration of this concept will follow, but now is an opportune moment to stay tuned to our journey.”

Guitarist Pasi Löfgren reflects on the musical direction of the upcoming album, stating, “Our forthcoming album continues along the same stylistic path as our Circle EP, delving even deeper into its essence. ‘Fenrir’ integrates more intricate technical elements with the juxtaposition of beautiful melodies and weighty riffs. I couldn’t be more pleased with the final result. The inclusion of ancient instruments like the kravik lyre and tagelharpa towards the song’s conclusion creates a harmonious blend of technical prowess, melodic allure, and sheer heaviness. It serves as a perfect appetizer, offering a glimpse of what to anticipate from the album.”

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