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Folterkammer “Weibermacht” Album Review by Jorge Pozo


Folterkammer‘s latest release, “Weibermacht,” emerges as a formidable force within the metal scene, showcasing a thrilling amalgamation of black metal ferocity and operatic grandeur. This album, not just a collection of tracks but a theatrical saga, unfolds with the commanding presence of classical influences interwoven with the raw, unbridled energy of extreme metal, presenting an audacious step forward from their previous works.

The album kicks off with a vigor that sets the tone for an auditory journey that is both expansive and deeply immersive. The integration of Andromeda Anarchia’s operatic vocals elevates the traditional black metal framework to a spectacle of sonic drama. Her range and power do not merely accompany the instrumentals but spearhead the auditory assault, creating a dualistic harmony with the guttural growls and frenzied guitars.

Tracks like “Algolagnia” and “Das Peitschengedicht” are testament to the band’s ability to craft songs that are as haunting as they are enchanting. The former track weaves a tapestry of sound that is both melodic and menacing, with dissonant chords slicing through the majestic vocals, painting aural landscapes that are darkly beautiful. The latter track, on the other hand, delves into narratives of torture and blasphemy with chilling lyrical content matched by equally chilling musical arrangements.

The juxtaposition of the ethereal and the infernal in “Küss Mir Die Füsse!” highlights Folterkammer’s unique musical identity. This track, in particular, showcases an intricate dance between the commanding operatic tones and the chaotic undercurrents of black metal, punctuated by shifts in tempo that reflect the thematic turmoil of the lyrics.

Instrumentally, “Weibermacht” does not shy away from complexity. The guitar work is meticulously crafted, ranging from rapid-fire riffs to slower, more ponderous chords that add a weighty solemnity to the tracks. The percussion is tight and precise, providing a solid backbone to the swirling chaos of the strings and vocals.

The production quality of the album is pristine, allowing each element from the booming bass lines to the sharp sibilance of the high notes to shine through without muddling the overall sound. This clarity is crucial, given the diverse and dense layers of sound that Folterkammer employs.

Visually and thematically, the album draws heavily from European artistic traditions, evoking images of Renaissance and Baroque opulence amidst its darker, more brooding messages. The artwork and lyrical content conjure scenes fit for a grand operatic performance, with all the pomp and pageantry that one would expect from such a venue.

In conclusion, “Weibermacht” by Folterkammer is a bold, unapologetic fusion of genres that challenges the listener’s perceptions of both black metal and opera. It is a rare beast of an album that manages to be both innovative and introspective, offering a fresh take on what music can be when pushed beyond traditional boundaries. With this release, Folterkammer not only entertains but also provokes thought, marrying the visceral with the sublime in a manner that is both exhilarating and overwhelmingly powerful. It is a significant contribution to the metal genre and solidifies Folterkammer’s place as pioneers in their field.

Jorge’s Rating: 9.5/10

Weibermacht” is not just an album; it’s an experience, one that will resonate with fans and newcomers alike, leaving a lasting impression that is hard to shake. Its bold experimentation with style and sound makes it a standout album of the year.

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01_Anno Domina 5:36
02_Leck Mich! 4:57
03_Die Unterwerfung 6:17
04_Kuess mir die Fuesse! 7:10
05_Algolagnia 6:32
06_Herrin der Schwerter 5:22
07_Das Peitschengedicht 5:07
08_Venus In Furs 4:37

Andromeda Anarchia – Vocals
Zachary Ezrin – Guitars
Brendan McGowan – Drums
Darren Hanson – Guitars
Laurent David – Bass 

Guest Harpsichord: Steve Blanco on “Anno Domina”

Album Credits:
Producer: Zachary Ezrin
Recording: Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios in NJ
Additional Recording: Laurent David and Antoine Delecroix
Mixing: Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves, in NY
Mastering: Fred Kevorkian
Cover Art: Eliran Kantor
Album Layout: Brendan McGowan

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