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Four Stroke Baron “Data Diamond” Album Review by Brett Olsen


In the labyrinth of modern music where blending genres has become the new norm, FOUR STROKE BARON stands out with their latest offering, Data Diamond. This album does more than merely mix and rock elements; it creates a whole new soundscape, proving that Kirk Witt and Matt Vallarino are musicians who refuse to color inside lines. Data Diamond is a thrilling adventure from start to finish, challenging perceptions and expectations with every note.

Opening with On Mute, the album sets a high bar, introducing listeners to its unique blend of synth-driven melodies underscored by potent guitar riffs. The tracks seamlessly transition from the energetic Monday to the enigmatic The Witch, showcasing the band’s diverse range and musical prowess. The inclusion of Paul Masvidal and Adam Janzi on the closing track Data Diamond further enhances the album, adding layers of complexity and richness to the band’s sound.

What is particularly striking about Data Diamond is its creative integrity. FOUR STROKE BARON‘s process, described as tapping into a wavelength beyond their control, results in an authenticity that is palpable throughout the album. The refusal to dumb down their music or adhere to conventional rules except for the hummability of their melodies signifies a bold stance in today’s music scene.

The thematic content of Data Diamond ventures into dark territories with tales of a Radio Shack CEO, a cyborg, and more, threaded with an underlying current of catchy melodies and pop hooks. This contrast creates a riveting listening experience that is both thought-provoking and immensely enjoyable. The synth elements are particularly noteworthy, bringing a fresh energy to the band’s sound and signaling a new direction for their musical journey.

However, it’s not just the music that stands out. The conceptual richness of Data Diamond, highlighted by the intriguing narrative surrounding The Witch music video, showcases FOUR STROKE BARON’s ability to weave storytelling into their work, making the album an immersive experience.

While every album has its moments of ebbs and flows, Data Diamond manages to minimize the former and excel in the latter. Each track feels essential, contributing to a cohesive and compelling narrative that captures the listener’s imagination. If there’s any critique to be had, it might be that the album’s exploratory zeal leaves you craving even more. Yet, this is hardly a flaw but rather a testament to the album’s engrossing allure.

In conclusion, Data Diamond is a bold, exhilarating musical journey that cements FOUR STROKE BARON’s place as pioneers in the rock genre. With their latest release, they not only push their boundaries but also challenge the listener to embrace the unpredictability of their soundscapes. It’s a groundbreaking piece of work that deserves a place in the annals of modern music innovation. My rating for this album is a solid 9 out of 10.

FOUR STROKE BARON has once again raised the bar for what rock can be in the 21st century, leaving us wondering: what worlds will they venture into next?

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Data Diamond Track Listing: 

  1. On Mute
  2. Monday
  3. The Witch
  4. Cyborg Pt. 3 (Because I’m God)
  6. Open The World
  7. People In My Image
  8. 1000 Threads
  9. Data Diamond (Paul Masvidal and Adam Janzi) 

The band will be embarking on an EU/UK tour this May supporting CALIGULA’S HORSE, with additional support from THE HIRSCH EFFEKT. Tickets are available HERE.

May 23. Cologne, DE – Luxor
May 24. Zoetermeer, NL – Boerderij
May 25. Maastricht, NL – Muziekgieterij
May 26. Amsterdam, NL – Melkweg
May 27. Paris, FR – Backstage
May 29. Nottingham, UK – Rescue Rooms
May 30. Bristol, UK – Thekla
May 31. Manchester, UK – Gorilla
June 01. London, UK – O2 Academy Islington

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